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  1. Many thanks for the response. I did as you suggested and both I and Alfred are very happy again. "Lock" now works. Stephen
  2. Thanks for the idea. However, I have checked and ⌘ + ⌃ + Q is not mapped to anything else (and does indeed work to show the lock screen when I use it). Stephen
  3. First, I have reviewed this thread - which did not provide a solution. Second, I have checked and specifically enabled all system permissions for Alfred (General > Request Permissions) - and rebooted. I am using Alfred 4.3 from the website, with the power pack, running on macOS 11.1. All system commands work in Alfred (screen saver, show trash, log out, sleep, restart, shutdown, etc.) - with the exception of "Lock" which does nothing at all. If anyone has a solution to the problem it would be much appreciated. I don't think I'm overlooking anything obv
  4. I confirm that's how Postbox works if you use the inbuilt Alfred email [contact] command. The email is opened with the cursor in the subject line...so it's probably easier to type it there rather than at an Alfred workflow prompt. (I'm confirming simply because I use Postbox and so was able to test it.) Stephen
  5. If you are using the Alfred Powerpack and Postbox is your default email client you should be able simply to type email in Alfred followed by the contact name—which should start a new blank email in Postbox. This Alfred help page has more details: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/contacts/#email. Stephen
  6. Thanks for that idea. I've submitted a feature request on the Postbox site asking if it's possible to have a metadata tag specifically identifying the author of an email and have linked that request to this thread. Stephen
  7. Yes...undoubtedly! However as: I am a beginner with Alfred; and I don't really need the workflow I seem to have developed I may leave that for the moment. Nevertheless, I'd not have got this far without your help—which is much appreciated. Stephen
  8. Thanks for the really helpful response. I have waded in to all of this well out of my depth but have made progress—purely as a matter of interest, as personally I'm happy to rely on the native Postbox search. I've managed to adapt the original workflow successfully to search either mail content or subject header with no problems. What I suspect is not possible is to search by author—because there appears to be no metadata item which will easily yield that information in a user friendly form. This is a sample of the output of the mdls command: _kMDItemOwnerUserID = 501 kMDItemC
  9. I am a new user of Alfred (a few weeks or so) but have used Postbox for a number of years. Because of my lack of experience with Alfred you may need to take what I say with a pinch of salt. That said, a couple of weeks ago I did look at the possibility of using Alfred to search Postbox emails. I got as far as: Enabling Spotlight search in Postbox (Postbox > Preferences > General and check Allow Spotlight to search messages). Experimenting with the mail workflow referred to in the preceding post to see if I could produce meaningful results from Postbox search. It all came rather adr
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