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  1. Why is that? That would let me have more possibilities to choose a keyword from 😀 Just look for such thread as I tried to set a keyword with only capital letters... that Alfred was always saving as lower case letter. Why was I trying it ? Because I wanted to not have a conflict with one of my TextExpander snippet. TextExpander snippet was renamed, potential conflict killed. 👍
  2. Thanks @deanishe But given my current programming skills, I prefer to add this in my workflows idea list. Message to anyone: feel free to steal the idea and develop the workflow 😀
  3. @GuiB Thanks a lot. Very helpful. I feel this is the kind of workflow not very complicated I will fill a lot of use cases for 😀
  4. Yes. Sorry for the duplicate. Didn't experienced anything bad with "copy to" as I didn't try this file action.
  5. I wanted to move a file from my ~/Downloads/ folder to one of my ~/Dropbox/ folder using the Alfred action "Move to...". After the file was selected, "Move to" action was selected, I typed "Dropbox". The results I got were not satisfying as I only got three and none of them were the ~/Dropbox/ folder. I then decided to add ~/ before "Drobpbox". At that very moment Alfred started to use 60% of my Mac CPU. The only solution was to restart Alfred via the Activity Monitor. Experienced it three times. Had no problem of CPU, when instead of typing "Dropbox" then "~/", I typed /Users/UserName/Dropbox/ Or when I navigated between the folders with the left and right arrows. Alfred v4.0.3 (1092) Mac OS X 10.12.6
  6. Yes, I did I even tried the workflows. The output will then contain the list of variables you've just created I do not know how to work with the variables I get from the split action. Here is what I get from the debug : [20:32:39.148] Multiple queries at once[Keyword] Processing complete [20:32:39.149] Multiple queries at once[Keyword] Passing output 'google,yahoo,bing' to Split Arg to Vars [20:32:39.149] Multiple queries at once[Split Arg to Vars] Processing complete [20:32:39.150] Multiple queries at once[Split Arg to Vars] Passing output 'google,yahoo,bing' to Debug [20:32:39.151] Multiple queries at once[Debug] 'google,yahoo,bing', { var1 = "google" var2 = "yahoo" var3 = "bing" } [20:32:39.151] Multiple queries at once[Debug] Processing complete [20:32:39.152] Multiple queries at once[Debug] Passing output 'google,yahoo,bing' to Open URL
  7. Thanks @deanishe That makes sense. I do not understand how I can "add" my input to the URL. Here is my workflow : https://ufile.io/7ixxc19t (file will be deleted in 30 days).
  8. (As I am not sure if it is already possible, I post this thread here and not in Alfred features suggestions). I was thinking about web searches found cool how easy it is to create them. One url + {query}. Done. I was wondering if it was possible to perform multiple queries at once. For example typing the following in Alfred's bar: one web searches keyword + {query1}+{query2}+{query3}. with the alexa.com web search I sat it would give : sale keyboardmaestro.com,alfredapp.com,google.com It would open 3 tabs with the result of each query. Maybe there are other way to do it. I am just trying to find a way not to have to perform the same task three times.
  9. Thanks. Your answer on Keyboard Maestro forum led me to the nice macros to build workflows faster 👍
  10. Feels like the best of both Alfred and KM! Would love to use as I tried to create such collection of macros but as you are a more advanced than I was when I created them I prefer to use yours. Unfortunately the link is broken and I can't find it in your github repository.
  11. I am trying to build a workflow that will let me appends text (clipboard content + a few words I write in Alfred bar) to a file. Using the Hotkey action, I can show the content copied to the clipboard and add a few words. But I fail at appending this content (few words + macOS Clipboard Contents) to a text file. Here is the workflow: https://ufile.io/w91ucvzn (link will disappear in 30 days). Thank you!
  12. Thank you very much. That looks amazing !
  13. It is pretty simple. I sat many web searches long time ago a realised few days ago that I only knew a few of their keywords. Being able to use many web searches I wanted while having to remember only one keyword seemed to be amazing and maybe too good to be true. 😀 Thanks for your explanation. I think I get the idea. I still do not get how should I link the Keyword/Arg and Vars? Because while I have an argument from the list filter, I need to find a way to fill the {query} variable to perform a query. Do you know any other workflow that use the action arg and vars ? Thank you.
  14. Thanks @deanishe ! You're right built-in web searches are way easier to use.
  15. Here is the (more or less) user experience I am looking for: - I type the keyword of my "List Filter" in Alfred bar - A few "Titles" of my "List Filter" appear - I select the "Title" of the website I want to search in by typing Enter - I type my query, for example "mkdir" - I hit Enter - The webpage containing the results from the website I searched in opens in my default browser. For example, if I searched in computerhope.com, this webpage will have the following url https://www.computerhope.com/search2.htm?q=mkdir With a "Keyword" trigger, the argument I type is passed as {query}. How to do the same thing with a List Filter? Here is the workflow: https://ufile.io/5whiwesp (link will expire in 29 days). Thank you.
  16. @deanishe : ok, good to know. @vitor : Thanks for the tip 👍 @Andrew : Can't wait for the next update!
  17. I wanted to find the keyboard shortcut of one of my workflow (a very simple workflow that launches the Keyboard Maestro application). So I typed "?keyboard" in Alfred search bar but no sign of the workflow I was looking for. Adding a note containing "Keyboard Maestro" to the workflow didn't help.
  18. @Vero I feel so stupid I didn't look at this option in the settings before asking the question. In my mind, I had looked at this setting loooooong time ago and it was not an option I EVER could be interested in. So I didn't before asking the question. 🙄 You are right, it make sense to let the user set to their own preference, not the workflow creator.
  19. Here are the results of a translation of the word "food" from English to German. In short, the workflow is fired via the keyword "dl". You then type what you want to translate + ".', hit enter and wait for the translations to appear. I would like to be able to add "Essen", "Lebensmittel", "Nahrung", "Narhungsmittel" to Alfred's buffer (to copy them to the clipboard) the same way I can add files to the buffer using a modifier key. Now, if I want to add these four results to the clipboard, I need to perform four queries.
  20. I would like to be able to hide Alfred fallback searches so it does not confuse the user with the results of a workflow query. First example: DeepL-Translate (results of the translation of the word "food" from EN to DE). Readability is not optimal. Second example : A workflow by Tyler Eich that displays applications, operating system versions. No fallback search is displayed. Better readability according to me 😀
  21. Ok. Got it. (I tried but didn't find a way to search by keyword this morning because I had the great idea to create a workflow with a ? as a keyword... Stupid me.) In order no other user waste his time, the right way to search Web searches by keyword is "?NameOfTheKeyword". No space needed between ? and the keyword.
  22. Are web searches searchable. Doesn't look like they are. 😔 Would be super useful when want to check the keyword of one web search.
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