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  1. After literally hours, I finally find a solution to add a drop shadow effect on a given .png file. The "one-liner" I found is working as I could make it work in zsh (cf. the image below). The problem I have is I do not know how to make it work in a file action with a run script action. I simply attached a file action to this run script action. My question is: how do I do for Alfred to get the value /PathToMyFile.png which is the path of the file I want to add the drop shadow effect? Thank you.
  2. I started to use the "? trick" and love it! As I am using it more often everyday, I am wondering what is the scope of its search. In other words, for testing purposes I added the following text "Search - Google Drive" to one of my List filters of one of my workflows then tried to find this very workflow by querying "? Search - Google Drive", "?keywords Search - Google Drive", ?hotkeys Search - Google Drive. I found nothing... Is it (already) possible to perform such search ?
  3. And who is feeling stupid now... Thank you @deanishe! Is there a way I can change the title of the thread ? Didn't find any.
  4. I mean a filter/sorting near the add (+) button not when using the workflow.
  5. From my experience, when I use a file filter, I tend to add a lot of entries. The problem is it gets messy pretty fast. For example, I do not remember if I already added one entry or if I want to modify the entry I have to scroll down and up... So sorting (alphabetically for example) or filtering, (both) the entries would be useful.
  6. Solved my problem my Keyboard Maestro. A simple macro that asks me to confirm I really want to open Name Mangler:
  7. Being able to launch an application(s)/file(s) via a keyboard shortcut is simple, fast, awesome. Not so much when your (puffy? goofy?) fingers tend to mistakenly choose over and over the wrong key, ending launching the wrong application(s)/file(s). I bet it would be faster for @Andrew to add a little "confirm" option to Launch apps/files action just like the ones for the commands in the System pane than for my fingers to learn to completely stop messing around 😀 More seriously, for me Alfred is all about making a Mac user's life easier. While 99% of the tim
  8. For those still looking for a solution, take a look at Vimium as it allows you to switch to last used tab and so much more. Works on Google Chrome/Brave.
  9. Thank you all for your feedback! I think I will go for Mojave, while Catalina is supported on my MacBook. Hope I will have less problems with 32-bits applications doing that way. If you have any application compatibility question, roaringapps.com is a great place to visit.
  10. Hi, I am fine with what I can do with my hundreds of Alfred workflows with my current OS version but one or two applications I use every day require a newer OS if I want to upgrade them. And I do want to upgrade them. I haven't been very active on Alfred forums these last months but I remember reading about one workflow (whose I do not remember the name) stopped working because the user had installed a newer OS. I am not sure but It was probably because of a bug in a beta version of the newly launched OS. As I want to continue to use as many Alfred wor
  11. I just discovered the Deepl application for Mac (https://www.deepl.com/app/thanks). It looked awesome until I learned I had to use the same keyboard shortcut as the Alfred clipboard merging feature for the application to be launched. Would it be possible to to let the user set another keyboard shortcut? Can anyone tell whether the keyboard shortcut can be modified in the Deepl ? I couldn't install/test the app as my OS seems to be to old. Asked the same question to the company behind Deepl via Twitter. Will update accordingly.
  12. I have a very close to this thread question. I want to be able to search a specific website with the help of google. This workflow different steps would be: 1°) Copying the current website url to the clipboard ({clipboard}) 2°) Launching Alfred bar, 3°) Typing the workflow keyword and my query ({query}) 4°) Hit Enter. My problem is I do not know how to make Alfred use two variables (the clipboard and the query variables). Is there a way I can create a url like this https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3A{clipboard}+{query} ?
  13. I just hit the moment "when you realize you ran out of very easily accessible keyboard shortcuts and you which Alfred would let you create some more". There are many reasons why I would love to have more keyboard shortcuts: - More choice is most of the time better. Sometimes, for no special real reason, a user find it easier to use the right Alt key than the left Alt key. - I sat a LOT of keyboard shortcuts for launching websites. Plus, I sat a lot of web searches. Now, I want to be able to trigger all these web searches via a keyboard shortcut. In other words, selec
  14. I use a Google Chrome/Brave extension called text copy that allows me to copy huge chunks of text. Sometimes, they are to big to be displayed in Alfred clipboard. For example: One solution would be to display the clipboard entry via a Large type (cmd+Y) just like in the Alfred's bar. One other solution would be to be able to scroll the content via the mouse/trackpad or arrow keys. @Andrew What do you think?
  15. @vitor Thanks for this wonderful workflow! Probably the one I use the most! I was wondering if you had the intention of adding an exclusion list? I have my Keyboard Maestro settings file in this folder and as it updates almost every day it appears at the top of the results. Of course, I could and certainly will move this file somewhere else. But still wanted to ask you this question as I suspect other interesting use cases for this feature 😀
  16. Why is that? That would let me have more possibilities to choose a keyword from 😀 Just look for such thread as I tried to set a keyword with only capital letters... that Alfred was always saving as lower case letter. Why was I trying it ? Because I wanted to not have a conflict with one of my TextExpander snippet. TextExpander snippet was renamed, potential conflict killed. 👍
  17. Thanks @deanishe But given my current programming skills, I prefer to add this in my workflows idea list. Message to anyone: feel free to steal the idea and develop the workflow 😀
  18. @GuiB Thanks a lot. Very helpful. I feel this is the kind of workflow not very complicated I will fill a lot of use cases for 😀
  19. Yes. Sorry for the duplicate. Didn't experienced anything bad with "copy to" as I didn't try this file action.
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