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  1. The ideal would be for me to open the snippet viewer using Cmd-Option-C, find the snippet I want and then hold down a modifier key to open in browser. I don't believe that's possible so trying to figure out what the closest/most convenient/fastest option would be.
  2. I use snippets very heavily at work to store commonly used URLs and phrases that I include in emails, slack, etc. I share a collection with coworkers of our most commonly used links. One of the tools I use, Docsend allows me to generate custom links that have tracking embedded. They don't have an API so I need to create the link through my web browser every time. I'd like to have a collection of our most commonly used items in Docsend so a snippet collection is perfect, but I'm looking for a way to automatically open the link in the browser. Sort of like holding down the control ke
  3. I would love this functionality. I've been able to cut things down to only one API, but cannot figure out what to change to make it go straight to shortened URL (gave up after an hour of trying). I like that if nothing is highlighted it would bring up a pop up to enter text. So maybe if there is a URL highlighted it shortens it, and otherwise it will pop up the box to enter the text? Either way - loving this!
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