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  1. Thanks for your feedback @deanishe Yes if it was like Simple zzdd or yydd only then maybe less likely you have overlapping snippets. But I use English Japanese Chinese Korean and while I register lots of lots of snippets of 4 languages, snippets would trigger accidentally while I am using different language. For exalmple my snippets are something like ili ijh jun etc, and these would never triggered accidentally while I type Asian languages but it would when I type English. It’s like you have to type zzdd or yydd on other strange languages. I know I can put .. or ;; before snippets but I use them so often so I try to make it short as much as possible. :)
  2. I love the snippets feature and uses like 100 times a day! One thing I wish Alfred could is, I could set up a certain group of snippets to be working on certain language input mode only for example I use ;br to make it best regards, I never type ;br on English, but I use it when I type different language. So it would be nice to make it disable this snippet to work when I'm using different language. Many thanks!!!!
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