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  1. Hi, Andrew et al. I appreciate you all for reaching out to assist me. I'll make sure to follow this topic through to conclusion so it can be helpful to others. Alfred remains mostly useful after crash. It appears to me that workflows relating to python are unusable until python is restarted. Rare is the occasion that Alfred has to be terminated and reopened. I do have a two versions of Python installed. One is 2.7.5 and the other is 2.7.6. (Apple stock version obviously and the other version was downloaded from python.org) Through some independent troubleshooting, I original
  2. Hi, Tyler and thank you for volunteering. I use your Colors workflow quite often. Thank you sharing that, too! During none of the crashes has Alfred had an active window up. In the morning, I will go through the list of workflows where there is something in the code referencing Python and post them here. Thank you for volunteering him in advance. Hope other can learn from my boo-boo, too! -Ed
  3. Good evening/morning. First let me say that using Alfred has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I'm quite pleased, but I am having a bit of a niggle at the moment. I am looking for some feedback in how I might resolve Alfred's issue on my MBP. It has 10.9.3 and is the latest hardware build. It came with 10.9.1 at the time of purchase. My hardware is an MBP 15 (late 2013) OS: 10.9.2 and now 10.9.3 (problem started on 10.9.2 but continues with 10.9.3 pre-seed) Python version: 2.7.5 (2.7.6 also resides on the MBP used by SickBeard) Alfred version: Alfred 2.2 (243)
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