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  1. Andrew, thanks for your answer, I'll try this approach.
  2. Do you use desktops? I have a lot of apps like browser, editor, terminal, chat, etc. and I need to switch between them quickly. So I've created 7 desktops, bind main apps to it's own desktop and assigned shortcuts for them (cmd+1 - cmd+7). Switching between desktops/apps in such way is very fast. But it will not help with browsers tabs, so for such case appropriate workflow is required.
  3. Hi all, I want to make easy maintainable workflow for bookmarks. And I do not want to rely on browsers bookmarks. So my question: is it possible to make in Alfred 3 chain of keyboard inputs, so it will look/work as a single keyboard input? Now I have a lot of keyboard inputs, which triggers open address action. [<section key> <category> <key>] - (<open address>). I want to achieve the same functionality with 3 chained inputs: [<section key>] - [<category1>] - [<key1>] - (<open address 1>) - [<key2&
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