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  1. I suppose that's a good solution if I don't mind having Alfred completely off. Though, I really would prefer Alfred to simply ignore the hotkey when an app, specifically the game, is in focus or active—even if it's running should I switch to check something outside the game really quickly. Does that request need to be reposted somewhere in feature requests or on some other place outside the forums?
  2. I play League of Legends. I also play it with a different setup for the hotkeys. Specifically: Command + A / S / D / F for quick casting abilities that mean my thumb is usually on Command. Maybe I'm getting lost in the preferences or having bad luck with the forum and Google search; but I can't seem to find where an option to ignore Alfred calls while in specific applications. Often while I'm playing, I'll hit Command + Command and Alfred will suck focus right from under League of Legends! While League is still on screen, pressing my abilities and such no longer work. So I am thinking that I could avoid this and still have Alfred running while the game is too if it ignores for hotkey activation while League is in the active application. I'm hoping this isn't a premium feature, nor would I want to get powerpack just for this. But should it not already be a thing—I'm hoping it can be done. I've had my Alfred hotkey on Command + Command for so long now I'm not sure I can change as I still use Alfred over spotlight.
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