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  1. Yessssss @Andrew - this is perfect. Thank you so much!!! /leonard
  2. Morning all! When I search a name in Alfred search, it finds it in my contacts without issue. When I search a STREET NAME of a contact, the contact doesn't show up in results. I assume this is a setting but I can't for the life of me find it. Anyone know where I should look please? /leonard
  3. Got it! I use Chrome, I do have LastPass chrome extension, and it's a page inside of Zillow.com tyty! /leonard
  4. Hi all! Looking for what I assume would be a short workflow that will get me to a specific page inside a website but that requires me to login first. I don't care if the workflow has my username and password hardcoded in, so I'm not looking for the workflow to access my lastpass or anything like that. I am NOT a coder in any way, shape or form so I'm hoping someone can point me to a workflow that I can customize accordingly? (Using a Mac if it matters, and chrome) Thanks so much in advance! /leonard
  5. Morning all, hope everyone is safe and well in these crazy times. I use Airmail on my Mac and when I copy and paste text into an email, it's often a different font, color and size (attachment). I'd like a hotkey that converts the highlighted text into a specific size, color and font. I understand computers but I'm not "coding savvy" so I have no idea if that's "easy" or not. Thanks in advance! /leonard
  6. Hey all! I'm on a Mac and if I search an address that is in my contacts, Alfred doesn't find it. It can find the contacts during a search but not the address. Is there a setting to include this data? TIA! Leonard
  7. Hi all! Computer savvy but Aflred-dumb! I can make snippets work BUT is there a way to format the text in the snippet? Can I bold or italic a word? Thanks in advance!
  8. I really appreciate everyone's responses. Great community, thank you!
  9. Sorry, followup: So I understand how to start the "email <contact>" from spotlight, but can I add arguments like subject line to the command?
  10. Thank you both! Certainly gets me closer to what I'm trying to accomplish. Tyty!
  11. Hi all! I'm guessing putting this workflow together is easy for the computer savvy, which I am not! I'd like to have a hotkey that: 1) Opens Postbox (my email client) 2) Opens a blank email 3) Puts a specific email address in the to: 4) Puts a specific phrase in the body (the phrase is actually a snippet from Alfred - THAT I was able to figure out!) The subject line will always change so I dont want the email sent automatically. Any help is appreciated in advance, thanks!
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