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  1. Hi, if you have the Powerpack, you can create a custom workflow which opens two (or more) URLs: You use one input and connect it to multiple URL-open Actions.
  2. I created a new User and it works fine with this account. Seems that something's wrong with my Mac User Profile. Sorry for bothering you.
  3. Same thing with Safari. I played around a bit: If I use the Alfred Google Search for the term "%C3%B6", the 25's are added, too: "ö" itself works fine here.
  4. Alfred v2.1.1 (227) OSX 10.9.1 with German keyboard The characters ö, ä and ü are replaced with e.g. %C3%B6 using the imdb search command. Google search and the other commands I tested work fine. Best regards. Northdude
  5. added "on mach 12" etc. The last version was a bit buggy so it would be good to use the new one.
  6. added next monday - sunday march 13 etc will follow this weekend.
  7. Ok, I added days, weeks, months and years. It should work like this: This will be added in 7 days::Alfred is great It creates a task with This will be added You have to add it at the end of the task (not at the end of the note) with an " in " in front of it. The other stuff like next monday etc will be added soon.
  8. Sorry, I made a mistake. Truth is that it's working, but just with tags which already existed in Things. When I tried it the first time, nothing happend because I tested it with a random word. So if you use existing tags, it will work. OK, I'll take a look at this.
  9. Added a second keyword. So there are 2 possibilities now: 1.) task syntax: <the task itself> [project name/area name] ::<notes> >+<due date as days left> If you use >x instead of >+x it will set the x of the next month as due date, e.g. >2 is 2 of April. 2.) task2 syntax: <task> ::<note> After pressing enter the quick entry panel pops up: with the task and note filled in.
  10. At the moment, it works with name [project name/area name] ::note I'm a bit busy right now but I will try to add the rest this weekend. I did not use duedate and startdate, did it work like day/month/year?
  11. I created a little script to add tasks to Things based on the old one for Alfred v1. The syntax is First keyword: task: #tag1 #tag2 name [project name/area name] in x days/weeks/months/years::note and #tag1 #tag2 name [project name/area name] next monday/.../sunday::note and #tag1 #tag2 name [project name/area name] on january/../december <day as number>::note Second keyword task2: <task> ::<note> This opens the quick entry panel: Download it here!
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