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  1. that would mean, i have to use two separate hotkeys: one for text, other for files
  2. I need to perform actions on selected text and files depending on what is frontmost with the same hotkey. That's how it works in LB (and QS when I last used it). Toggling the Fuzzy matching does work. The fact, that I have to turn off Fuzzy matching for merely actioning a selected file does not make too much sense to me.
  3. I have a custom contact action set on "Phone". (It calls the number via airdroid) Is it possible to add one more which shall be triggered when modifier key is used? (I want to use it to send sms via airdroid)
  4. activate alfred type app name press "action" key select "recent documents"
  5. Workflow: Triggers > hotkey Action > Show Alfred Argument > Selection in OS X Problem: Incorrect selection
  6. ~/devon-think added in search scope but folder "database" contained in ~/devon-think is not shown in Alfred. Reload Aflred cache No change in result. Checked "Include folders in Home" "database" folder and its content appear in search Unchecked "Include folders in Home" results disappear again edit 1: however, there is no change in the behaviour of ~/Libaray/Script Libraries after checking "Include folders in Home"
  7. Preferences > Features > Default Results > Checked AppleScripts Search Scope includes file: ~/Library/Script Libraries/ Script Libraries folder is shown in search but the AppleScript files it contains are not.
  8. Top tip in https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/ Top tip: You can use the same hotkey for multiple actions within a single workflow. For example, you can set a hotkey to perform action A only when your browsers are in focus, while performing a different task when Mail is in focus. This can only be done within a single workflow, not across multiple ones.
  9. I mentioned clearly, in my previous post, in what way it is consistent and in what way it is context-specific. Wrong. LaunchBar does allow actions on .app with the Tab key whereas it show recent files on right arrow key. (Two different keys performing two different actions) Yes. The thread title reads "Navigation" (Alfred>>Preferences>>File Search>>Navigation) Yes.
  10. I am only saying this for .app files (or folder, whatever). It would be context-specific behaviour but result in more productivity. Also, though not consistent with Alfred's behaviour, it would be more consistent with Mac OS behaviour which does not allow "ready" browsing of .app files. This is exactly how it is implemented in LaunchBar. Before calling an idea half-baked, maybe, you could try passing it through a though process which does not have an exit statement on encountering an error. Instead, handle the error and see what advantages comes out of it. Then weigh it against the disadvantages. That would give you a better perspective.
  11. With the Action key. Right arrow is not my action key. I don't know if its the default or not (If it is the default action key, I don't mind using tab for viewing Recent Documents. Its better to have keys do more than the same tasks). In Navigation shortcuts, I have checked left and right arrows for folder navigation.
  12. Currently, .app file behaviour for right and left arrow keys is same as for folder navigation. It would be more useful to see recent documents instead with the right arrow.
  13. Yes, that is the problem I am facing. But it also comes up when I don't start with = in the first place instead of deleting it as in your case. Another issue, I noticed today is I copied a calculator result. Returned back to Aflred after a minute and pasted it, so as to do further calculations. The result had "," included which is good and I know there are settings in Alfred regarding this. However, it is not eligible for calculation anymore, it goes to fall back searches. e.g. =56+45,667 (45667 was what I had copied earlier and then pasted back) I think it would also be better if thousand separators are shown when typing numbers as they are shown in results or when pasting results.
  14. Settings: Unchecked Enable standard calculator Checked Enable advanced calculator 1. Typed =5+5 result shows 10 2. dismissed alfred 3. activated alfred again 4. typed 5+6 (forgot to type =) result shows 10 result must show nothing when = is not pressed. I am not used to looking at the result, when I am typing, thus it is likely that I shall assume the previous answer as the current answer.
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