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  1. Top tip in https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/ Top tip: You can use the same hotkey for multiple actions within a single workflow. For example, you can set a hotkey to perform action A only when your browsers are in focus, while performing a different task when Mail is in focus. This can only be done within a single workflow, not across multiple ones.
  2. Did you install the right version of this workflow? Download now
  3. Never mind. The first line in this thread was "Basically, clipboard history supports rich text but". Clearly, I have made assumptions which were incorrect. Ignore my previous comment.
  4. I should have started new threads to describe each issue (feature request) in detail. Here, may be the only relevant thing to say is and which you skipped to answer: Were you unable to create a work-around using Alfred? Why can you not use pbpaste workflow? Is it because, it is not possible to reach individual Alfred clipboard items? If that is the case, a general fix like access to clipboard items would be better than a special fix customised for your needs.
  5. @OP Just for the sake of knowledge, were you unable to create a work-around using Alfred? @<developers> <!OP> (Meaning: Reply to developers and not OP) 1. Personally, I think, Clipboard Managment, Text Expansion, Snippets etc are best left to other apps since Alfred is never going to match their capabilities. Its not surprising that Snippets does not have {} variables support. In fact, it shows that they merely intended to include it half-baked so as to compete with rival launcher apps in terms of number of features, which is not wrong. 2. Its understable to includ
  6. @Carlos-Sz : Nice work! Good demonstration of many ways with which this can be done with Alfred. @<others> I know its an old thread. But I also came here looking for this and I believe so will others. A simple File Action is what is called for. I possess no special workflow skills, but still, I am posting the solution for those who cannot create this workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/55534rd0c5wpxhl/open_save_dialog.alfredworkflow?dl=0 How to use? Bring up any file/folder in Alfred type your shortuct for action Action and run this workflow which is currently named
  7. How? I am unable to find a way to drag multiple files from the buffer. I can still drag one file at a time.
  8. tell application "Alfred 3" to search "to: {query}" Modification required to work with Alfred 3
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