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  1. Great!! I had this kind of extension planned to do, but my idea is to build an extension to browse other installed extensions, see their keywords and basic description, and launch them on enter (re-open Alfred with the keyword typed in). What do you think?
  2. @vdesabou I would love to, but couldn't find how to map filetype to icon, and couldn't find the time to search for it
  3. I know it's a dumb question, but did you by any chance restart after (if applies) installing path finder and/or setting it to the default file browser? I had this issue, come right to the forum to let it know, restarted, and everything is working fine ever since :S I'm on OSX 10.8.3, Alfred 2.0.2, Path Finder 6.1.4 (1527) and can't replicate what you're seeing. btw, I'm not from alfred's crew, just trying to help
  4. Nice! seldomly used, but but needed, it's a pain to look for Thanks!
  5. Thanks David, great workflow!! I took the liberty of modifying it a bit, to have an optional argument in the script filter, in order to be able to filter the results. Here is the code of the script filer, comments around my additions: require('workflows.php'); $w = new Workflows( 'jdfwarrior.faves' ); $list = $w->data().'/favorites.json'; //-- Ramiro's filter -- $filter = "{query}"; //-- end Ramiro's filter -- if ( file_exists( $list ) ): $favs = $w->read( $list, true ); if ( count( $favs ) > 0 ): foreach( $favs as $fav ): //-- Ramiro's filter --
  6. haha, same as the_ben, I've never heard of it; looks really nice! Thanks!
  7. Hi all! This is my first public workflow! It basically solves me a problem of selectively deleting files in the Downloads folder without emptying it completaly. Usage: 1. type the keyword, wait for the list of files. The files come ordered by Date Added, just like the Downloads icon in the Dock. 2. select the file to delete, type to filter files by name 3. optionally shift select the file to delete all newer files up to selected one Everything you delete goes to the trash, so there's no much danger involved. Download: http://bit.ly/Z7IrNB Contribute: https://github.com/r
  8. oh, I see. Well, I'm not sure, since I'm deleting the files, but most of them I'm recovering to continue testing. On the other hand, it's working fine when doing Cmd+number to select the action; if it's learning, it should be the kind of the same result.
  9. And I've just find out that if you type the keyword and do Cmd + number to select it, it's shown in the correct order! And the 2, 10, 0, 1, 3, 4 order from before is now 11, 3, 0, 1, 2... :S edit: BTW, I'm logging the generated order and the xml is always fine
  10. I'm finishing a "delete downloads files" workflow, and I'm working hard on ordering the files the same way as you see them on the Dock's Downloads icon. I have the files correctly ordered, but Alfred is showing them in the following order (0 indexed): 2, 10, 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6... everything is perfectly order after the first glitch. Let me know if you need a demo or something
  11. Hi! same situation than pstadler here. Anything I can do to help you debug it?
  12. well, it seems I jumped into conclusions too early, as it does work, it only needed a restart :S sorry about that...
  13. I use Path Finder instead of Finder for file browsing, and it has an option to set itself as the default file browser for the OS, causing the Reveal in Finder command for almost all application to open Path Finder instead of Finder. This also works in Alfred v1, but sadly it doesn't en Alfred v2. Hope you can solve this soon! Thanks Ramiro
  14. I'm pretty sure this can be done right? I'm horrible with applescript I know I can do this with a hotkey only, show alfred + text, but I want applescript to check on the current context, basically I want to show alfred with ~ prefilled ONLY if the frontmost window is a Finder window. Thanks!
  15. @jvdneut ahh, ok, yes fuzzy searching would be great
  16. I've just tried this, but, isn't this the same as the actual search input inside virtually any OSX app? Actually, my Mountain Lion install (I asume everyones) comes with a shortcut (Cmd + shift + /) to toggle this
  17. I find that whenever a workflow has a hotkey associated, the selected file's path is copied to the clipboard. Is this by design? It would be great to keep the current clipboard text available. If this is necessary for Alfred's workflow implementation, then could be possible to internally save the current clipboard information and restore it after the workflow is finished? If I actually need the path in the clipboard, I could easily set an additional output to save it to the clipboard Hope it makes sense Cheers!
  18. check the later discussion. If the passed string contains a backslash in the last character, the single or double quote that wraps the string gets escaped, the the ruby syntax breaks
  19. Nice! didn't know that My feature request stands, though. I believe it would be faster and easier (plus the * characters is far away) Thanks!
  20. ahah, ok. I'm a little lost here. I found that I cannot receive the string content 100% sure, since I need to parse it in, say, Ruby, and the backslash character might escape my last single quote, and thus break the syntax. It's like chicken and egg. How can I parse the string and escape the backslash character if it breaks the syntax of the parser? Btw, I'm into PHP, Ruby and Python, but not much sh, so there might be ways of receiving that string information and escaping it that I might not know. Thanks
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