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  1. I see that, when doing file browsing, the tab character doesn't enter/expand the folder, unless I've filtered down the results to one. If I don't filter, I need to Cmd + down to enter/expand the folder. I wasn't sure if I should write this in feature requests, because I don't know if there's a reason for this or not. Cheers
  2. the thing is: I need to copy huge Windows Paths I get from other colleges, and convert them into Unix paths for us the Mac boys to browse. I can't manually replace every backslash with double backslash. It's an edge case in my case, but I don't see why not add the escape option since the backslash is such a special character in most languages.
  3. I use Path Finder instead of Finder, but Alfred is looking so good that I want to do all the file browsing and manipulation from there. The only problem I see is the lesser file filtering capabilities compared to Path Finder. Basically in Alfred you need to start with the first character of the filename, and continue filtering by typing the next character and so on. In Path Finder it searches anywhere within the filename, and I find this very much productive. Hope you like it!
  4. Just to confirm that this issue was mine only, never got to understand why it happened, but did a Time Machine restore and everything is working great! Thanks for the help
  5. This is kind of an edge case for me, but I could't find a way to solve it. Since Alfred doesn't give to option to scape backslash, I cannot parse specific Windows paths (or anything that might end with a backslash). Basically an ending backslash automatically escapes the single quote or double quote and thus breaks the syntax of any of the scripting languages allowed. I tried with Ruby's <<SOMETHING string delimiter, but the backslash, since it's not escaped, it's treated as an escape character and it's not shown. Hope it makes sense Thanks! Ramiro
  6. just tried with a brand new user, same issue.
  7. sorry, I didn't understand the "sample process" should be done during the delay. I updated the ZIP file with the correct log
  8. Hi Andrew Sure, here is the log: http://interactive-works.net/temp/_zip/alfred-log-and-screenshot.zip I'm also adding a screenshot with a process called "taskgated" which consumes lots of CPU, and is visible those 10 seconds I'm talking about. Plus, I also noticed the same delay on Alfred2 startup, and the same process. pd: Can I upload files in here? Cheers Ramiro
  9. Hi I'm having a strange behavior with Alfred v2, both the last version and the current (didn't try previous). Whenever clicking the preferences button (or cmd + ,) the preferences panel takes around 10 seconds! to show. After that everything looks ok, but definitely looks odd. I'm on 10.8.2, retina MBP 13" Cheers Ramiro
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