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  1. Does anyone use Windows in addition to your Mac? If so, what do you use instead of Alfred? I'm aware there are a few possibilities, like Wox or Executor, but I don't have experience with any of them.
  2. You'd need additional software like Karabiner, creating custom keyboard mappings. For example, you could re-map the right option key to option+space.
  3. They work ok (as intended), but I'd like to have the Alfred window pop up on all my screens. So regardless where I have my focus it'll be right in front of me - as Alfred is never opened without intending immediate focus. One of those 'would be nice' things, not one of the 'this is life and death' things.
  4. I'd like an option that shows Alfred on all monitors. Most of the time this isn't all that relevant, but when I'm doing research and writing about it at the same time I often look at one screen with e.g. pdf's while my text editor monitor is the active one. So when I toggle Alfred I have to turn my head or activate the pdf reader first. A grave problem comparable to global warming or famine imho.
  5. I'm trying to extend this workflow to change the wallpaper with it. Does anyone know how to apply the new desktop picture to all spaces? Atm my script looks like set theQuery to argv set thePath to "~/Dropbox/Pictures/" & theQuery & ".png" tell application "System Events" tell every desktop set picture to POSIX file thePath end tell end tell do shell script "killall Dock" end run
  6. I use this one to change default browser, there is also a cli tool "defaultbrowser", so it's possible to use something like Hammerspoon to react to system events (like on AC or not) and call it. In addition, I have a small workflow if I want to keep all my tabs - https://www.dropbox.com/s/w14q8t4vk6utvpu/Switch Browser.alfredworkflow?dl=0 . It just takes all tabs from Vivaldi and opens them in Safari or vice versa
  7. I rarely use Safari when I have power, but always on battery. Pinboard, especially with an Alfred workflow, is a smooth way to have bookmarks independent of your browser. I assume there are other solutions, but habit and so on.
  8. I've used one key trigger before, albeit through a third-party like Karabiner. Didn't like it and changed back, but it's doable. Perhaps not as easy as you describe with the abbreviations, but it's also possible to make a workflow and give it an unusual trigger that ensures it'll always match. For example with ",f" as a keyword to open finder, my Alfred would never select anything else since , eliminates all other options.
  9. If anyone is using Vivaldi, there was a simple fix in browser_tabs.rb line 20. module BrowserTabs class << self def supported_browsers @supported_browsers ||= [ 'Safari', 'WebKit', 'Google Chrome', 'Google Chrome Canary', 'Chromium', 'Vivaldi' # I simply added this line ]
  10. Thanks, but not that important for me now that I can search my notes-folder with a hotkey. Good to know as a reference point if I have similar issues in the future though
  11. Cheers guys, mdls was a great tip. Gave me "com.unknown.md", which if added picks up .md files. It still says it's a markdown file though, kMDItemKind = "Markdown". Doesn't matter much anyways, now that it works.
  12. I make a file filter, set a scope and drag a .md file into the file type part of the basic setup. But it doesn't find any markdown files. However, if I change the extension to .markdown it works. It also works to change the extension to mdtxt or mdown Just to be sure, I added a different filetype .taskpaper to check that I didn't bungle something easy - and that showed up just fine. It gets the name "net.ia.markdown" in the File Types. I tried a cheeky adding of an object called "net.ia.md" to no avail. Now I could rename all my markdown files from .md to .markdown, but I don't want to.
  13. Is it possible to add support for the browser Vivaldi? I wasn't able to decompile using osadecompile, so can't try to fix it myself
  14. This is a pretty nice workflow, I like it
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