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  1. I tried v3.0.3 (using the Alfred_3.0.3_694.dmg you provide), and the behaviour is as it was: the pasting works fine. I didn't reset iterm2 during this testing, so I believe something is different between v3.0.3 and v3.1 on this issue.
  2. I remap the Left Option key to Left Command key, and remap Left Command key to Left Option key in iterm2. After canceling this remapping, the clipboard history pasting works fine again. Before alfred v3.1, the history pasting works fine in iterm2 with the key remapping above. Can I still use the clipboard history pasting without canceling remapping of Left Command key? Since this remapping is important to me. Thanks!
  3. v 3.1 Build 718 OSX 10.11.6 (15G31) I tried to paste clipboard history from alfred to iterm2, but after select the clipboard history and input 'Enter', only a character 'v' was pasted on screen. And input 'Cmd+v' at this time, the clipboard history selected is pasted. The clipboard history pasting works fine in other apps, but it won't work in iterm2 in v 3.1. Is this a bug or something wrong with my iterm2 settings? ScreenShot: http://imgur.com/a/lQiJq
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