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  1. Hi Vero Thank you for your feedback. I took the opportunity this afternoon to speak with Evernote as suggested. The following transcript may be of some assistance to forum members. you • 10:07:40 am Hi I would like to discuss an issue of Evernote integration lormel katrin • 10:07:52 am Hi! Welcome to Evernote Customer Support. lormel katrin • 10:08:14 am Can you please provide more details regarding your concern? you • 10:10:31 am Sure - I am a long term user of Evernote Premium and also the third part app named Alfred - Up until ve
  2. Is it the case that for those of us using Evernote version 10 we will never be able to use an Alfred workflow to search? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Vero With updating all 3 machines to the latest 10.13.2 update received in the past 24 hrs - this update appears to have bizarrely resolved Alfreds issues. Presumably some corruption of files had occured. Thanks for your feedback and support however. Paul
  4. Hi Vero By way of further update please note that my final machine , that also required to be updated to High Sierra, Alfred now no longer responds to the Option + Spacebar Command. Thats all 3 of my machines that are affected. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Kind Regards Paul
  5. Hi Vero Thanks for getting back to me : I am using Alfred 3.5.1 Build 883 My hotkey is still showing the Option + Spacebar combo ( I have also tried to chang it to Control + Spacebar which it appeared to recognise but would not activate Alfred) I have now set it back to Option + Spacebar (still not working though) I have checked in Systems Preferences and there appears to be no conflict. I have turned my machine off and back on. Interestingly the same issue impacts my MacBook Pro Both machines were using the O
  6. Since upgrading to High Sierra the Option + Spacebar combo no longer opens Alfred - what to do ?
  7. Martien Thanks for the follow up again. The new 3.1.3 version has been downloaded , installed and successfully posted an update !!!!!!! What was the offending issue preventing the earlier versions to work ?? Paul
  8. Martien I upgraded the installation - ran the workflow and received the following failure debug code : [2016-09-06 10:42:51][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 127: /Users/paulrowe/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Scripts/4F72A8A3-9C21-479B-86C0-96B87CF7E6AB: line 68: /usr/local/bin/node: No such file or directory [2016-09-06 10:42:59][input.keyword] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg 'thailand' [2016-09-06 10:43:02][ERROR: action.script] /bin/bash: line 51: /usr/local/bin/node: No such file or directory /bin/bash: line 52: /usr/local/bin/node: No such f
  9. Hi Martien Thankds for the advise and clarification. Below is the debug info obtained from running a simple 'add task' command : Starting debug for 'Alfred Workflow Todoist' [2016-09-05 16:00:51][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 127: /Users/paulrowe/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Scripts/A1BD754D-1A17-4886-8EFF-74527B4DA4FD: line 68: /usr/local/bin/node: No such file or directory [2016-09-05 16:01:00][input.keyword] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg 'buy milk' [2016-09-05 16:01:06][ERROR: action.script] /bin/bash: line 51: /usr/local/bin/node:
  10. Martien I have no idea what a debug version is and am not entirely sure what you are suggesting I do nor the risks involved !! Please advise. Paul
  11. Martien I receive the exact same error applying "test" as advised. Have checked the Library locations and found nothing obviously wrong. Totally baffled !! Kind Regards Paul
  12. Hi Martien Here we go in order of commands : Option / spacebar Enter T into Alfred dialogue bar Click Enter to activate “Add Task To Inbox” Add any text to Alfred dialogue Bar Press Enter System Notification Reads “Failure” Error Invalid argument value, command type “.” “item_add”,”error_code”:20,”http_code”:400
  13. Hi Martien Thanks agian for getting back to me. With your further advises I removed again the workflow and re-installed it fresh once again. I was able to insert the token as advised and noted that the workflow both accepted and registered the token. All good so far. Until that is I try to use the workflow - failure errors persist !!! What to do now ? Kind Regards Paul
  14. Hi Martien Thank you for your response. I have removed my old installation , re-downloaded from the Git Hub link provided and re-installed. I note however that the version number is not 3.0.2 but is in fact 3.1.2 in case there is any significance here ??!! I navigated to the "Alfred Bar" where I am able to click on the "Configure workflow and variables" dialogue button and inserted my token details as per the image in the link below ( I have of course pixelated my personal token number) The workflow still returns failures so clearly some issue remains - what am I doing wron
  15. Hi Guys I am unable to find the "includes.sh" file in the Finder - all I can view is files named "config 1-5" and "timezones.txt" - I am using the latest V1.7 also. Would appreciate help. Kind Regards Paul
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