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  1. i tried to empty the trash but it is not working.
  2. Wow it works ! super good!. So, is it a restriction to not use in terminal command? can you point me to the links where i can know more about the clipboard?
  3. the article was useful. here is my link to the dropbox file https://www.dropbox.com/s/os0nuypdj69z1yw/File Actions - Getting Started.alfredworkflow?dl=0 in the attached one : the not working file action is "gitdiff" alfred version: 3.5[876] macos : 10.12.6 (16G29) Please let me know your comments:
  4. i would like to access the clipboard content from the terminal command so that i can pass it as an argument. but when i tried to access the same it is literally printing the {clipboard:1}. Please help me on this regards, cd "{query}" echo {clipboard:1} git difftool --dir-diff "{clipboard:1}".."{clipboard:2}" output in the terminal {clipboard:1}
  5. in the search scope i was able to add ~/Desktop . and in extras i have not checked the Text files . but very often i feel like i need alfred to search for text files in desktop alone. would be great if certain file types are allowed for particular folders
  6. i would like to connect to my bluetooth speaker using alfred workflow, I'm using alfredapp version 3. i found one to choose on / off but i still need to go and click on the speakers.
  7. need more workflow programming hands-on tutorials in youtube or in this website for easy starting. im not able to start properly with confidence to start on creating workflows. many of the packal workflows are for version 2. also some lectures on debugging is also needed.
  8. i was trying to use https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fuzzyfolders but does not work, is there any upgrade issues with alfred2 to alfred3. How to get the alfred2 ?
  9. i would like to navigate to a folder using ( / )and need to search a kind of file inside and get it to buffer . instead of navigating all the way to that folder which is 10 folder deep. how to do it ?
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