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    blizzrdof77 reacted to scboy in Microsoft Teams   
    Has anyone created a workflow to work Microsoft Teams? Would love to see one that allows you to message from Alfred. Thank you
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to Alej in search files in mounted Disk /Volumes/   
    Hello! I'm coming in quite late on this. But on the first Alfred (the one still on the App Store) this used to work on my side.
    With Alfred 4.app, it doesn't seem to work. I do have the mounted drives added to the search scopes and using 'find' or hitting 'spacebar' just after opening Alfred.
    One thing that the Mac App Store did ask for is to have permissions to search mounted drives, Alfred 4 didn't ask for that.
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to dp1207 in Fantastical 3   
    The point of Fantastical (for me) is that it sits unobtrusively in the menubar instead of in my dock. I loved being able to enter appointments directly from Alfred. However, when I run the workflow with the new version of Fantastical it opens the full app. It still "works" but I have to either accept leaving the full app open or closing it after every appointment I make. Does anyone have a fix for this?
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to luckman212 in System Preferences - icons - mystery? (10.15.1) [Fixed by Apple in Big Sur]   
    @Macchio - @alfredpleb - @blizzrdof77 -- I found a bug that prevents certain keywords from appearing in the search results. Need to beef up the JSON parsing a bit but I should have it working in a day or 2. I'll definitely post an update soon!
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to joshwcorbett in Setting the Terminal/Shell to "Custom" (iTerm).   
    Is there a solution for iTerm 3 with Alfred 4??
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to luckman212 in System Preferences - icons - mystery? (10.15.1) [Fixed by Apple in Big Sur]   
    @alfredpleb Sorry for the delay on that. I haven't released PrefsPlus (yet) ... although I am continuing to use it and it's working well (for me). I'd like to share it. Would you mind testing it out to see if it works for you before I release it widely? I could send you a link via PM.
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to luckman212 in System Preferences - icons - mystery? (10.15.1) [Fixed by Apple in Big Sur]   
    Catalina 10.15.1 Alfred 4.0.6 b1124  
    Something weird is going on with Icons for a few of the built-in System Preference prefPanes. For example, "Bluetooth" or "Internet Accounts". When I search Spotlight for these, the proper icon is displayed. But, in Alfred, only a generic icon is shown:
    I notice even in Finder, the generic icons are shown:

    Only Spotlight and the System Preferences.app itself seem capable of showing the right icon. I opened the Contents folder of the prefPane bundle to investigate. It seems like Info.plist contained within specifies icons via keys such as "NSPrefPaneIconFile" and "CFBundleIconFile" but even in that case, the file referenced doesn't seem to exist on the filesystem anywhere that I can find.
    E.g. for Bluetooth, NSPrefPaneIconFile = "BluetoothAqua.png" —but that file doesn't exist. Similarly, Internet Accounts specifies "InternetAccountsIcons.icns" and "InternetAccountsIcon40.png" as icons, but these are nowhere to be found:

    What's going on here? I know this isn't really a bug in Alfred but it started with 10.15 and I wonder if anyone knows about these generic icons or where the resources are coming from...
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to MasterDiver69 in [Request] Integration with Plex Media Server/Center   
    Was anyone able to get this to work correctly?  Regarding server configuration, the github instructions say ... (https://github.com/laazyj/Alfred.Plex/blob/master/README.md)
    Once you have the workflow installed you need to configure it to point to your Plex Media Server with the command:
    plex server port:32400
    But, every time I try to set the port, I get an error.  I know that this is the correct Plex port.  Any ideas?

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    blizzrdof77 reacted to eightohnine in Menubar icon duplicates   
    Salutations all,
    Probably two updates/several months ago – I can't pinpoint exactly when the issue started – Alfred began spawning three identical menubar items.

    It's never more than three, and I have not seen two instances either.
    Functionality-wise, there seem to be no negative effects.
    When I delete one or two instances, the others remain working fine.
    After quitting the duplicate processes, until only one process remains, after some time the duplicates reappear again. (I can't pinpoint a specific event or timeframe for this).
    Alfred is naturally set as a Login Item, though AFAIK, a restart doesn't produce the duplicates. 
    Activity Monitor shows three processes as well. 

    It's definitely not a use-breaking issue, though the behaviour is somewhat odd.
    Maybe look into this on a low priority? Thanks!
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to dosjon in Cardhop Workflow?   
    I used the URL handler above to create a workflow that composes a new iMessage to a specific person. 

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    blizzrdof77 reacted to FroZen_X in Shortcut to copy path to clipboard   
    You can just select the File/Folder you found and press Cmd+C and it will copy the path with file to your clipboard. 
    To kinda sort your actions by usage, go to Alfred preferences → File search → Actions → and check Action Ordering.
    There you can also deselect some actions you don't need. 
    Hope that helps
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to robintw in Shortcut to copy path to clipboard   
    I'm using Alfred 3, and find it really useful for searching for files. Often when I've searched for a file I want to copy the path to the clipboard - for example, to use it in the terminal or copy into some code I'm writing. At the moment I have to press Right Arrow on the file in the results list, and then scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the 'Copy path to clipboard' option.
    Is there any way to make this quicker/easier?
    Ideally, I'd love to be able to change what Ctrl+Enter or Opt+Enter do on a file in the results list - but none of the options in the configuration are 'Copy path to clipboard'. Similarly, although I can see a list of 'Default Actions' in the Alfred preferences, I can't see a way to re-order these.
    Is there any way to do this?
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to vitor in CheckSpelling — Spelling correction in various languages   
    Check and correct spelling in various languages. There are six configurable keyboard shortcuts, but you’ll typically need to setup only between one and three.

    Select a word and press a shortcut — the first one will show you the word following Alfred’s spell keyword, so you’ll have a set of words to pick from for the substitution (to have it automatically switch the word in this case, you’ll need to set it up in Alfred’s preferences under Features → Dictionary). The following five will immediately replace the word with the best suggestion (using the After the Deadline service).
    Download | Source
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    blizzrdof77 reacted to Andrew in Alfred file search issues on macOS 10.13 High Sierra [Apple Bugs Fixed + Improvements in 3.6 b893 pre-release]   
    The macOS bug report for (1) below has been closed by Apple, so this should now be fixed if you update to macOS 10.13.2. This should also improve the behaviour for (2) without the need for the beta build below.
    Users are also reporting that Apple's fix has also fixed (3).
    This thread is a consolidation of other threads on the forum to try and group this issue, and get feedback in a single place.
    There have been a handful of users reporting file search issues on macOS 10.13 High Sierra. While this isn't a widespread issue, and I've been unable to reproduce these issues, I am actively trying to get to the bottom of the issues to nip them in the bud.
    Note: I have also raised some bug reports to Apple to get the underlying issues fixed.
    1. Metadata API crash [Rare]:
    There have been a couple of instances where the Apple metadata API has crashed on its own thread which has caused Alfred to quit unexpectedly. This only happens for specific typed queries or characters into Alfred. It looks like the API is modifying an object after releasing it while collecting results.
    A full reindex of the metadata (using the Rebuild Metadata shortcut in Alfred's Advanced preferences, selecting to delete the /.Spotlight-V100 folder) seems to temporarily resolve the issue.
    A more robust workaround seems to be clearing out Alfred's Features > Default Results > Search Scope, including unchecking the "Include folders in Home" option, and only adding back the absolutely necessary folders. This may be avoiding files which are upsetting the metadata API.
    I'm in the process of moving the metadata querying to an XPC service to run as an Alfred plugin. This means that if the metadata engine crashes, only the plugin will crash (then restart automatically), and Alfred will continue to operate. This essentially downgrades this issue from a crash to "certain typed queries don't return results".
    I've also reported this to Apple for a proper fix, using the crash logs provided by a couple of Alfred users.
    2. Metadata API temporary hang [Rare]:
    There have been a couple of instances where a call on the Apple metadata API has been temporarily blocked (while possibly waiting on resources). As results are processed on Alfred's event thread, this is causing Alfred to hang temporarily. It seems to manifest more prominently when a Mac has been cold booted, and clear up after a few minutes.
    Same as workaround for (1) above. Also see Fix (with caveat):
    I've moved the metadata query to its own sequential operation queue. This means that the results are processed away from Alfred's main thread before being passed back to the main thread. When a hang occurs, this will temporarily block Alfred from receiving further file results until it unblocks, but this won't now stop you from using Alfred.
    Grab the beta build below to try this out!
    3. Metadata matching and result ordering [Infrequent]:
    This has been reported a little more on the forum, and seems to be an issue with how the Apple Metadata API is returning the default results to Alfred for specific queries. Before 10.13, results were correctly returned to Alfred with the more recent ones first, and this continues to be the case for the majority of users. Once results are within Alfred, Alfred uses his own knowledge to sort the most relevant ones to the top based on your usage.
    As Alfred only requests a finite number of results, if more recent files aren't being returned by default, naturally, Alfred doesn't show them as he doesn't even know they are matched for the typed query, and this is why users are only seeing these files when a more specific query is typed.
    I've updated the way Alfred crafts queries to the metadata API to ensure that the most relevant files are always returned. This should provide an overall improvement to Alfred's default results. Early benchmarks show that this has a negligible effect on file search results performance, but on slower Macs, or Macs with malfunctioning metadata, there may be a small performance hit.
    Grab the beta build below to try this out!
    Please only take this beta build if you are experiencing these issues, as it's an internal development build, and hasn't been generally tested yet.
    Note: This build is no longer needed with macOS 10.13.2 which includes bug fixes to their metadata API.
    Also, please update to the 3.6 pre-release which contains file search behavioural improvements
    You can go back to the previous build at any point by downloading it from our website.

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    blizzrdof77 reacted to greghoch in Alfred workflow for Mac OS 10.10's Handoff   
    is it possible to make a workflow that supports the Handoff feature. I think the only thing that is does is this icon on the left side in the dock to start an application from your iOS device. Is it possible to do that from alfred. Type "Handoff", see an icon from the application similar to the one in the dock and press enter to start the application? I tried to find out whether there is any command line support for handoff but I haven't found anything so far.
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