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  1. sorry this is this spreadsheet i created: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bKzipmyBair6QR3wxXfacwiTWyGShzfm5j-2XuemvzM/edit#gid=0
  2. hey Vitor thanks for your feedback. I'll keep you guys posted with what comes out of this.. i may pivot 100 times still.. as I'm still struggling to have a detailed vision of how the final product will look like. That said, I'm brain storming a lot. I've created this spreadsheet to list basically all sorts of "commands" that would be nice to exist, that would speed up the workflow of certain people (personas). I may find a pattern or something. Cheers!
  3. thanks for all the responses guys. There are a couple of things I wanted to point out - some said above that alfred by definition is a personal assistant and is not likely to be used at an enterprise level. My response is just b/c it isn't historically associated with enterprise, that doesn't mean it cannot be tailored to fit enterprise. For example Slack was born out of IRC chat (something that was documented quite nicely by Scott Berkun in A Year without Pants). - there is a point that people won't appreciate/like selling alfred workflows on the forum/packal etc.
  4. I just released my first workflow and have a lot of ideas down the line. The code is all open source. However I would like to eventually do this full time and monetize it. Is this possible with alfred workflows? I know on packal it puts a pre requisite that a workflow must be freely available. I'm obviously not constrained to distributing my workflow via packal (i can just post a binary on my own website for $$), but i'm just wondering if there is a precedent to this? I can do what gitlab is doing, ie an open source freemium model where their code is open sourced, but then they a
  5. quick question: i exported this using alfred 3.0.. for it to appear on packal, i gotta export it using alfred 2.0?
  6. log your hours on google sheets using alfred! see repo available here: https://github.com/lobolabs/logtivly-alfred
  7. @spuder i checked your github repo today.. your script don't work.. it exhibits the exact same problem as you described in your original post
  8. I use the feature of adding custom urls to alfred many times a day.. to the point where I would really like to do it as a hotkey. This is what I do manually 1. hit my alfred launch hot key <kbd>⌘</kbd> 2. hit bottom key 3 times to go to web search 3. click on add custom search button 4. fill in the details of the page 5. use mouse to click on save Is it possible to have an alfred hot key that simply launches a prompt where i enter simply the url and the keyword.. click on enter and that's it! if not possible is at least
  9. I'm a heavy user of the custom search of alfred.. however many of my custom searches are based on the same domain ie domain.com/custom_search_1 domain.com/custom_search_2 .. domain.com/custom_search_n sometimes my domain changes.. ie to another_domain.com/custom_search_1 another_domain/custom_search_2 .. another_domain/custom_search_n but everything else stays intact.. can i possibly mass change them on alfred? (i've tried something like this before with chrome with mixed results, see http://superuser.com/questions/1131603/
  10. This question explains my problem in detail, but to make a long story short, i want to add custom chrome search engines to alfred. This script shows me how to do it, but refers to this path: 'Library/Application Support/Alfred/customsites/customsites.plist' I don't see this path any more in alfred 3.. can someone tell me where it is? thanks!
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