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  1. Hi,


    I am a new alfred user and found your sum-up workflow handy.


    However, sometimes program output doesn't give me number with even space between numbers (e.g. 294  137   70 ).  Is it possible to revise the workflow to make it ignore all the space and add them up?



    sum    294  137   70


    instead of

    sum 294 137 70




    1. Acidham


      the WF usually strip 2 spaces but not more. 

  2. Thanks for the great workflow, it's the most helpful one I found so far for alfred. However, I have an issue with calling up recent folders. It's not the same list as in Finder-> Go -> Recent folders, but somewhat closer to creating a smart folder with options to search recently modified/ opened folders... I am using Finder in column view, and the smart folder approach is known not working well with it. I need to deliberately double click a folder to make it appear in smart folder.. Is it possible to make the workflow calling the finder's recent folders list directly? Jake
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