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  1. Ulysses workflow

    I've added a ticket to GitHub as this is a good idea: Add modifier key to open group or sheet in new window .
  2. Ulysses workflow

    How would a ulysses temporary 'context' work? I'm finding myself spending more extended periods working in one group than I used to. I'm imaging two new commands: * usc -- Select a group to act as a search-limiting context and open that group; no argument to clear. * uc -- Open a sheet or group from within the search-limiting context; warns if no context set. Would anyone else use this? or any better suggestions!
  3. Ulysses workflow

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I've started using Ulysses after a bit of a break and I'm just remembering how the workflow works again!
  4. TaskPaper3 Workflow for Alfred

    This forum is a good place to ask questions. I'm not always that active, but seem to be ramping up again. I'm also likely to start using TaskPaper again, so that might help.
  5. Ulysses workflow

    Hi @40-02, @apoc527, @dfay (thanks for the stack trace). Thanks for the reports that the workflow is broken with Ulysses 12. I had the same problem. Try this new release v1.0.2. Please let me know if it looks okay and I'll upload it to Packal later and close issue. Thanks. EDIT: updated link to v1.0.2 as I've also fixed the 'uo' command to work with the new app name (although this one always has mixed results and I've tweaked the way it wants for ulysses to be ready to receive cmd-O.
  6. Leveraging x-callback-url in workflows

    Hi @dfay, have been out for a while. How goes it? I had an attempt at packaging up something to make x-callback-url calls and then receive the callbacks. You might try https://github.com/martinfinke/xcall from the command line. I've put a python wrapper around it here: https://github.com/robwalton/python-xcall . I've not really used it in earnest, or checked it for race conditions or threads safety and whatnot. But it might help and it has tests so we might be able to improve it if you come across any issues! It may also be total overkill, if you've found a lighter way @dfay. I wanted something signed with apple that could be distributed easily.
  7. Ulysses workflow

    Whoops! Thanks for spotting that. No tests for those bits. Have fixed the workflow on master. Will have to start thinking about a release when it settles down.
  8. Ulysses workflow

    Hi again, I tried pretty hard to reproduce by firing off call from threads in parallel, but seemed okay. I haven't checked if xcall is thrad/process safe yet, but a quick glance in the code makes me think not. For this, and your issue, python-xcall now throws an AssertionError if it finds xcall already running. There is 20-30ms period after making one call where a second will still go through though. It should help a bit--and it might help you diagnose want wrong for you? The real solution is (from the outside of xcall at least) is a file lock--but those cause so much grief!
  9. Ulysses workflow

    Thanks @dfay, I'll get this bit working in the workflow first. I think that in bringing in the x-callback stuff, given the lack of tests in the workflow, I'll run old and new next to each other for a bit with some assertions. May still be a bit until I add your new commands, as will be working on foundations. Thanks for your ideas, work and debugging to date! --Rob
  10. Ulysses workflow

    Hi there, just integrating the x-callback stuff into ulysses workflow. I think I will go back to supporting iCloud only for now as this seems more trouble than its worth (unless you got further analysing it?)
  11. Ulysses workflow

    Thanks Python tutor . I've fixed this on my local development version (it did feel a bit clunky at the time). I have a huge project in my day job which would could probably do with using defining package APIs in __init__s. Will look at that too. I did a huge refactor of that a while back to make it less Java-like, but I guess I still missed some Python tricks. BTW, is there is there a good way to get Alfred to run off a git repo's working copy? Now I ask it: I guess I could just replace my e.g user.workflow.A661A55B-8CCD-4E74-BC15-54528262B74E folder with a symbolic link to my git working copy?
  12. Ulysses workflow

    Uh oh! I must have called it thousands of times with automated testing and haven't noticed this. But I noticed sometimes when calling ulysses with a wrong id there are long delays in returning. Possibly there might be other causes of this too. I wonder if your issue might be caused by making a call before another has returned and it all getting out of sync? I'll see if I can reproduce. Also, you mentioned a while back: I've not seen a problem with this one. Even if you request new token, old ones seem to keep working.
  13. Ulysses workflow

    I've extracted the xcall part of ulysses-python-client into a separate project python-xcall. I think this could be quite a handy tool and I'll try and put this up on PyPi if I can work out how to distribute the lib folder including Martin's xcall.app. Seems like pip wheels are the key! Then maybe after doing some actual work I'll include your ul command @dfayinto the ulysses workflow this thread is supposed to be about
  14. Ulysses workflow

    The vote came in for Boaty McBoatFace I'm afraid.
  15. Ulysses workflow

    Thanks. Using xcall is an easy way to handle things and Martin signed it too so no brainer to use it. I haven't profiled it to see how much overhead there is in firing it up every time---in principle leaving the url-callback receiver part running would be quicker---but it seems to be fast enough. 100ms to Ulysses and back again for most calls most of the time. Good spotting! I've fixed that. Totally agree. I was a bit shy about taking the package name ulysses which is partly why it was awkward. Have followed your suggestions. I just need to do something useful with it now (like ul @dfay), to see what needs changing about the API.