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  1. @Vero I'm encountering the same or similar problem. I've previously had a vanilla file filter action to search for files in my local repository. On my old machine it worked without any issues. Now I've restored my time machine backup on a new machine and the workflow no longer works. It doesn't show anything. OS version (12.1) and mac model are the same. TCC permissions for FDA and Accessibility are set and I've also removed and readded alfred without success. I am able to browse the entire disk with alfred. I also followed your advise above, but it doesn't show any issues. What else could be the reason?
  2. Hi, today I've updated from 11.2.3 to 11.3 and noticed that alfred crashes after I run my workflow, which ends by displaying text with large font. The logs say it is a segfault. I can send you the log files if you want. It crashes consistently ever time I run the workflow. The workflow is very simple and the only failure reason could be the Large Type action, because everything else works if called separately.
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