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  1. Hi, It would be nice to have the option to edit the selected item in the clipboard before pasting. Thank you.
  2. Thank you @Andrew , this version works fine. Text expansion is instant. The issue can be closed.
  3. Thank you @Andrew , this version works fine. Text expansion is instant.
  4. Hi @Vero, I followed the exact steps and it's working now, thanks. But the Alfred Text Service is no longer in the list.
  5. Hi @Andrew, It's working on a newly created account, just tested that, but i have no clue why it doesn't on the existing account. Is there a way to debug this on my machine or send some logs? Cheers, Ovi
  6. Hi @Vero, I did reinstall Alfred from scratch but that didn't change anything, still, the snippets are not triggered. The strange part is that on the other mac i have the same setup, also upgraded to Mojave from High Sierra and there the snippets are expanded without any issue. I checked also the settings in both machines and they match exactly, so i'm clueless why only on the MacBook I see this problem. Cheers, Ovi
  7. Hi Vero, I have the same settings as before (High Sierra) the upgrade to Mojave. The only tool for text expansion is Alfred and didn't change the paste shortcut. I've attached a screenshot with the Alfred settings and the default snippet !now that wasn't expanded. There is no sound, the keyword doesn't disappear..it seems like nothing is triggered. Cheers, Ovi
  8. Alfred 3.6.2 Build 922 Mojave 10.14 Beta (18A336e) Text expansion doesn't work even when Alfred is allowed in Security & Privacy -> Accessibility
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