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  1. Still confused! I have a file which content is like below: you are a good_man hello, welcome Then I searched "good_man"(without the quotes), The Spolight can found it, like below. but the alfred can't found it. I really don't understand why. Can anyboday help me.
  2. @dfayThat's what I had did, but I think it isn't enough convenient for a newbie, That's why I posted this question. Thanks all the same!
  3. I'm looking forward to the feature, It will be very convenient to the user. Thanks again for your rapid response.
  4. @Andrew Thanks firstly, The panel 'About this Workflow' showed when a workflow installed, But the 'Workflow Environment Variables' panel doesn't show. I guess you mean set the token to the 'workflow environment variables' panel. For more detail see the image, please
  5. Details: I'm developing a workflow which need a API_TOKEN to get data from a third-party website. What I want is give an obvious notification (something like a dialog with a edittext in it) to the user, Let them enter the API_TOKEN in the dialog directly. Is it possiable? Sorry for my poor english skill! Hope you guys can got it! Thanks in advance!
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