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  1. This is cool. I do lots of site wireframes/mockups and this will come in useful. Any way to change the amount of results it pulls in? For example, searching for "arrow" should render many many results, but only the top 10 are available.
  2. I am DYING for this ability. I use spaces/desktops extensively and it would make things so much easier! Pretty please!
  3. I'm on the public beta of High Sierra and I'm seeing input lag when typing into Alfred. Tried clearing preferences and re-installing. Could it have to do with the new file system? Update: Changed my Alfred theme from "Alfred Default" to "Alfred MacOS" and the lag went away. Seems to be related to graphic assets?
  4. @vitor Thank you for the help. I added a feature to split all text into paragraphs and I limited the "find" text selection feature to the original document/window/tab. I think it works rather well. Here's the final workflow, or at least as far as it works for me. Canceling can be done with a separate hotkey. I wanted to make it the same hotkey (to toggle off if no selection), but since the osascript is set to run sequentially, it'll run the pkill at the end which won't work. Here it is. I'm still new to both AS and Workflows, and so if you notice anything quirky with it feel free to let me know.
  5. @vitor That works! How do I cancel the commands that are queued up? For example, if I want to effectively stop the say commands and all subsequent commands? When I was using bash, I was doing a pkill.
  6. Apologies, but I wasn't aware you could open workflows in Terminal? Would you might walking me through that?
  7. Thanks for this. I didn't know you could invoke say directly with AppleScript. However, the reason I was trying to avoid doing a direct "Keystroke" of the query was due to the delay it created. I have to wait until the whole paragraph is scrolled through, which makes the use of the workflow much more cumbersome. This is why I was attempting to use copy/paste which is much quicker. The workflow you sent works, but there are two issue I have: 1. The aforementioned delay. Is there any way we could use the clipboard or an external file? 2. The keystroke makes a sound after it completes, it uses the default mac alert sound. I'd like to figure out how to remove that sound. The first question may lead to this possibility: Obviously this would be down the road, and first things first, but I'd like to eventually enhance this workflow to be able to select a whole block of text, be it an article or chapter for example, and have the workflow parse out the text for sentences using the period as a delimiter. Then perform the "say" command on each sentence, highlighting each sentence using the method we're talking about here. Thanks again for your help.
  8. I'm trying create a workflow to utilize the MacOS Say command. With this command, I'd like to queue up several paragraphs for it to speak and highlight the spoken paragraph. I'm close, but I'm running into issue with the clipboard management. It was my understanding that the /bin/bash scripts can queue commands up in sequence. In which case the below code should execute like this; 1. Copy the query (which in my workflow is the selected text). 2. Open find in Safari 3. Paste the clipboard contents. 4. Say the selected text. It looks like the LAST copied text ends up being pasted, instead of in sequence. The say command adheres to the sequence properly. The other commands do not, what am I missing? screenshot of the workflow is attached. pbcopy < "{query}" osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to keystroke "f" using command down' osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to keystroke "v" using command down' say "{query}" -r 250
  9. This is not working on my machine. I'm on Sierra 10.12.4 Beta (16E189a). It simply does nothing when invoking via keyword, or even setting a hotkey. Debugger doesn't even kick in. Alfred has permissions in accessibility as well.
  10. AirPods Audio Source Selector

    Just got some of these bad boys. Works well, and thanks!
  11. Dual Finder windows

    Skol, Colin. Update: After trying it on my MacOS 10.12.3 Beta (16D30a), the "bounds" property isn't functioning correctly, so the windows do not line up properly, even after playing with the values.
  12. I'm running MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 and when my countdown timer expires, I never re-gain keyboard functionality even though the notification states that I re-enabled both the keyboard and trackpad. Requires a hard reboot.
  13. I just came across this. Should come in very handy, thank you!
  14. Reminders

    Thanks, I see you mention that the "bug" may never be fixed by Apple. Do you think it's worth adding a clause to the subtext in the workflow to avoid repetitive questions from people who can't read (like me?)