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  1. Getting an error when installing: [09:56:41.907] STDERR: Clipboard History OCR[Run Script] mkdir: /Users/xxxxxxxx/Library/LaunchAgents: File exists xattr: ./Tesseract.app: No such xattr: com.apple.quarantine Load failed: 5: Input/output error Running Big Sur
  2. Just want to say thanks for making this! I rely on notion so heavily that I have my own python scripts (using notion-py) to manipulate my productivity system.
  3. If anyone is interested. I resolved the issues. It works the same, except now we have to do two calls to the API end point because we're calling two different methods. So it may be a little slower. I submitted a pull request to @dingyi to get the official one updated. Download it here
  4. Unfortunately this is no longer working as Domainr released api V2 and it seems that the old version is no longer accepting requests.
  5. This is great! The only thing I came here to say besides thanks was that the bluetooth icon resets position after toggling. So if I want to customize where it appears, this would reset it. However, for my purpose I always want to know if it's on or off, so I just commented the menu item hiding line out.
  6. No dice. I verified the icon files existed also.
  7. Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,3
  8. Ok, just tried that now. Unfortunately, still nothing. Here's what the debug log is showing. It may help. Starting debug for 'About This Mac' [2018-01-12 11:07:38][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] /bin/bash: line 15: [: too many arguments cat: SPDisplaysDataType: No such file or directory cat: SPDisplaysDataType: No such file or directory [2018-01-12 11:07:58][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument '' [2018-01-12 11:07:59][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument '' [2018-01-12 11:08:00][input.scriptfilter] Script with argument '(null)' finishe
  9. I double checked and I am indeed running the latest version.
  10. The MBP icon isn't showing up for me, don't know if I missed something, but it looks like something should show up. Awesome workflow!
  11. Came here to ask for the same feature but then I decided to just do it myself since I had recently made my own Evernote reminders workflow that already took me through a similar challenge. Accomplished this by just setting reminder date to "missing value". I'd be happy to provide the modified scpt files to get this working. @Carlos-Sz let me know if you want the files. Just note that there are obviously other areas of the workflow that would need to implement this; including the append and edit reminder features.
  12. Evernote Reminders for Alfred Quickly modify individual or multiple Evernote reminders How to use: Download workflow and import into Alfred Open Evernote Select reminder(s) Use [ ⌘ + ⇧ + R ] to bring up the menu Get things done Note: hotkey will only work when Evernote is open. View on GitHub
  13. This is nice, thanks for sharing! It'd be nice if images could be pushed also.
  14. Just ran into this myself and didn't know why it was grayed out. Perhaps adding a note on the pref page or notice to inform the user of this intent? Thanks, Florin
  15. On my mac (in terminal), hitting tab does a list of the folders, and it looks to be correct.
  16. I did, Error: could not resolve path `/Volumes/GDrive - JayRay'.
  17. Spotlight doesn't, no. It's an ExpanDrive mounted drive so I'm unsure of how it's mounted. I swear I got it to work at one point and now I can't seem to get it to work again. Perplexing.
  18. Got it. One last question. Why is it that I can't find any of the files listed in the /Volumes/GDrive folders I added above? Those folders contain bookmarks, video files, etc.. Things I've enabled in the file search, but they're just not coming up...
  19. Im starting to understand a little better now, thanks. 1. Any way to restrict applications results specifically to the "Applications" folder in my home root? I'd rather not see other apps in the system if they aren't located in that folder. See below
  20. Update: I was successfully able to remove all categories from spotlight by re-installing XCODE and siabling "Developer" from the spotlight categories. Which was the last one checked. Now spotlight shows nothing. As a consequence, Alfred now only shows Applications (which cannot be disabled). Update 2: I spoke too soon. Alfred is still showing me results from ~. Even though spotlight has zero results. I just disabled spotlight indexing for all files and rebuilt the index. I'm still getting results there too. Essentially, I'm trying to avoid spotlight and thus
  21. I'm a bit confused about how Alfred searches through my folders/files. In attempt to really understand what is being searched when I use "open" or " ' " when invoking Alfred, I removed ALL the folders in the Alfred search scope entirely. I even unchecked "Include Folders in Home." I'm now in the middle of re-indexing spotlight index just to really get a fresh index going. The problem is, when I invoke file searching, I'm still getting search results. Shouldn't I have entirely removed the scope altogether? Where is it searching? My first thought was it was searching through spotlig
  22. This is cool. I do lots of site wireframes/mockups and this will come in useful. Any way to change the amount of results it pulls in? For example, searching for "arrow" should render many many results, but only the top 10 are available.
  23. I am DYING for this ability. I use spaces/desktops extensively and it would make things so much easier! Pretty please!
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