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  1. 1. Yes, it works as expected with the built-in keyboard layout. I’ve already checked that at the time of writing, and mentioned it in the post 2. Yes, it is still selected but forcing doesn’t work until i reselect it. It doesn’t happen with built-in layouts: they’re selected and forcing works.
  2. This has already been reported but nothing happened this bug still exists. It’s small but annoying. I’ve ensured that the input sources checkbox is unchecked and no keyboard shortcuts for changing input sources are in conflict with Alfred’s. Steps to reproduce: 1) Install this custom layout https://ilyabirman.ru/projects/typography-layout/download/ilya-birman-typolayout-3.6-mac.dmg (maybe works with other custom keyboard layouts too, didn’t check) 2) Add “English - Ilya Birman typography” to the system 3) Set Alfred to force it 4) Check that the force works (it works) 5) Exit Alfred and reopen it 6) Check that the force works (it doesn’t)
  3. In case it helps someone, for me it was KeeWeb the password manager who was the culprit. Restarting KeeWeb fixed auto-expansion.
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