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  1. Seems like the ESV API service was down. It's working for me now. Can you try it again?
  2. Hey everyone, I want to extend a huge thank you to @deanishe for his immense contributions in fixing several bugs since the ESV API update! Get the newest version of the workflow on Packal.
  3. Only to make sure that GitHub had a log of your contribution as well It's not a problem though, I'll upload it! Great suggestions! I'll add those asap.
  4. Hey @deanishe, I've published the code to this GitHub repo. Please submit a PR when you're available. Also, enjoy your week of beer!!
  5. Wow. Simply amazing!! You have my heart(s). When I get home today I'll publish a GitHub repo and it will be open for pull requests. I fear that it won't be enough credit to you though @deanishe. I will be adding a shout-out to you and any links (personal GitHub/website/etc.) you provide me to all the public places. Please tell me what else I can do to give you credit for your awesome contributions!!
  6. Couldn't agree more! You rock, @deanishe!!
  7. Thank you both for contributing to this workflow! I've been meaning to publish this to GitHub but never got around to it. Now that it's evident there's a larger community surrounding this (both here on the forum and others e-mailing me), I'll put it up asap! The ESV API requires an API key that has been approved for use. Feel free to use the key that is present. It's been approved as this workflow's key. I think publishing the API key should be fine. I'll add some comments about proper/ethical use of the key. Let me know if any of you have suggestions on this though! @deanishe Is there a way to "bundle" these packages into the Alfred workflow so that users won't need to follow extra instructions during installation? @JGC You're totally right that the input "pr 31:30" behaves incorrectly, oops! Looks like the test verses I used didn't account for the returned output structure of these specially-formatted, multi-line passages from the API. You're more than welcome to try to tackle this and submit a PR once I publish the code !
  8. Hey JGC, So I assume running the workflow through Alfred isn't working for you either? Python v2.7.10 should be fine. I won't be able to debug from only the log messages provided. Is this an ephemeral issue, or are you constantly seeing this? What was the specific query or bible passage input that you used to get this error?
  9. Thank you for your patience! My auth key was finally approved, and the workflow on Packal has been updated with the fix.
  10. Hey all, thank you for your feedback! I have a fix ready using the new version of the API. However, my auth key is still undergoing the approval process. As soon as it's ready I'll update this post and notify everyone!
  11. You're welcome Let me know of any bugs you may happen across, or areas to improve! The underlying API powering this workflow is from a third-party. If there are similarly excellent APIs out there for other versions, I could potentially whip something up depending on demand.
  12. This workflow allows you to quickly look up bible passages and copy them to your clipboard. It submits passage reference queries to the wonderful ESV API (https://api.esv.org/) and parses the response. The API is smart enough to handle many variations and abbreviations! Download and use it here: ESV Online Bible (on Packal) GitHub repo: https://github.com/emmanueljl/ESV-Bible-Alfred-workflow
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