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  1. I just upgraded to Alfred 4. Can I just trash Alfred 3 application?
  2. I'm having the same problem. @Vero how do I manually add it? I'm clicking the + icon but see no place to put the path. I tried right clicking Alfred 3 in the dialog box but there isn't a choice show package contents. I'm using macOS 10.13.2
  3. I see Apple Spotlight has gained the ability to better track flights. Can this be done in Alfred?
  4. Looking at this Vero states you can format it how you want and it will be displayed that way. But for me there are numbers that are formatted correctly in Contacts but Alfred does not display them correctly. I can't figure It out. It seems Alfred will display some correctly but not others. Does the fact that I'm using Busy Contacts instead of Apple's contacts app matter?
  5. I have Alfred set to open contacts using BusyContacts which works great but when I view the info n Alfred before opening busy contacts sometimes it displays the phone number formatted (xxx) xxx-xxxx other times all the numbers run together xxxxxxxxxx. In BusyContacts they are formated correctly (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Why is this? How do I fix it?
  6. I tried this with BusyCal as the default calendar app and it opens BusyCal but doesn't search. It immediately opens the popup to select which calendar to add to. How do I use this to search for an existing event?
  7. Yes as soon as I type ens to search Evernote immediatly launches on its own.
  8. I agree this would be nice as that's how spotlight does it.
  9. Here's my about window. Does this help?
  10. I wish this had the ability like the built in 1Password where you could search and press enter to open the site and log in. Not just copy the username.
  11. Is there a way to integrate package and shipment tracking in Alfred? So far I've been entering tracking numbers and doing a web search with Bing but thought there might be a workflow to link a tracking number directly to the carrier's site.
  12. That's the version I'm using. I have it set to get beta updates. Would that interfere?
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