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  1. After deleting and rebooting and reinstalling, Alfred Remote caused the prompt to come up and also required that I accept to go to Settings -- it turns out it also wants to do Apple's 2 factor authentication verification (because we have this set up). So after doing all that, it finally works. This may be a call documented in the SDK but from what I could glean given developer discussions etc it seems to be geared towards restoring in-app purchases. I have 200+ apps on my phone and to date, Alfred Remote is the only one that after downloading from the App Store, prompts me to enter someone else's (the Family head's) credentials. It falls short of a great experience and seems completely unnecessary. How (unless perhaps a phone was jailbroken) could I possibly get an app that I didn't purchase, onto my phone and still have it run... even without this check? Don't get me wrong... I --love-- Alfred but find this app behaviour strange and inconvenient and at least from what I can tell with the many apps won and use, very unique in its behaviour. Thanks, Jonathan
  2. @Vero Yes -- I did try entering the password and that didn't work. But in any case it really should not ever be asking for my wife's credentials. There must be some kind of custom "Did this person really buy this app" check going on because I see support similar requests (verifying receipt) on other threads. I should not be getting this prompt at all... but to confirm again, entering her password doesn't help. Thanks, Jonathan
  3. What you were doing when the issue happened: Connecting Alfred Remote (iPhone) to my Mac Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action: Yes and any time I want Include any screenshots that might help us: N/A Include the Alfred version & build number you are using: v3.2 [750] Include your OS X version: Mac OS 10.11.12 Hi I'm a long-time owner of Alfred and the PowerPack. More than I year back, I purchased Alfred Remote from the App store. When I did that, my wife and I were sharing an AppleD for the purposes of App Store purchases. We have since switched to a family plan -- her account is the Family Head and I'm a member. When I attempt to connect Alfred Remote to my Mac, I get an "Unable to verify receipt, please re-download from App Store" -- sometimes after being prompted for my wife's AppleID credentials instead of mine. I am signed into iTunes using my own (family member) AppleID account. I have deleted and re-downloaded Remote from the App store, re-paired it with Alfred running on the Mac but all to no avail. (It will connect the first time to my Mac but never again after that) Thanks, Jonathan