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  1. Hi forum, since today morning, Alfred is changing my keyboard locale to 'US' everytime I start it. I checked with the settings and my "force keyboard" is blank. I even changed the "force keyboard" setting to "German" (which is the keyboard locale I want) but Alfred is ignoring it and is still changing it to US. Is anybody else experiencing this behavior or has any tipp for me on how to change it? Thanks Nils
  2. Well, CO does not completely replace Finder. It's an alternative application. I was hoping that Alfred would have an option somewhere to open the found folder of File Search with another app than Finder....
  3. Hi there, I'm using Alfred for a few weeks now and am more and more loving it :-) However, there is always room for improvement ;-) Does anybody here know whether there is any way to tell Alfred that a folder that I find with its File Search feature should (per default) not be opened with Finder but with another app (like Commander One in my case)? Thanks in advance Nils
  4. Wow, what a level of complexity this tool reaches. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction. I now compiled my workflow together from your sample by using the Script Filter from another workflow. And the basic functionality is working. Thanks for the support! Have a nice week(end) Nils
  5. Basically, I want to inform the user whether the script succeeded or not (as it has a certain chance to fail). To do so, I added a filter object behind the Run Script and post a notification. I read a lot about the structure of workflows this evening and I think that the main issue is/was that I was calling the complete script instead of putting the steps of the script into the Run Script element. My new approach is now: 1) I added a variable to the workflow 2) I put the various steps of my bash script into the run script element. I can check for errors and s
  6. It exits with return code 0. Sorry for being imprecise. Nils
  7. Hi there, I'm a newbie to Alfred and completey overwhelmed by the possibilities of its workflows. As such, I have a newbie question but google and the search engine of this forum could not help me. In a workflow I'm using the (Action => Run Script) element to call a bash script that resides in my home folder. This bash script returns 0 in case everything is fine and a different number else. I'm now interested to evaluate this result but don't quite manage to get this done. Do I have to pass the result of the script into some variable of Alfred after calling the script?
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