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  1. @Vero — Awesome! I appreciate you helping me get to the bottom of this. I'll definitely give the file filter approach a go. And thank you for helping me learn a little more about how Alfred works. Best, Justin ∞
  2. @vitor + @Vero — Thank you both for your replies. @vitor — Thanks for the Affinity rec. Can't believe I've never seen it before. Going to check it out. Re: Adobe indexing — I checked Spotlight out of curiosity, and the .indd files seem to be indexed just fine there. Not sure where it gets lost in translation to Alfred. @Vero — Vitor's solution of dragging and dropping an .indd file into Alfred Preferences → Features → Default Results → Advanced… seems to have worked. Nonetheless, here's the metadata I garnered using the tool you sent: /Users/Emr
  3. @vitor — Yes! I didn't realize the 'Advanced...' settings in Default Results would yield such an easy fix. Out of curiosity: Do you (or @Andrew / @Vero) have any insight on why InDesign files (at least on my machine) would be the only filetype from the Adobe CC suite excluded from Alfred search results? Thank you for your help — I really appreciate it. Best, Justin ∞
  4. Greetings Alfred Community, First, thank you to Andrew and Vero for building and maintaining such a brilliant tool. Alfred is unfailingly the first app I load onto any new personal computer. I've been experiencing a small but persistent issue for a few months now: InDesign (.indd) files do not show up in search results. A few details to contextualize the issue: InDesign the *app* shows up — it is only .indd files that do not appear. All other Adobe filetypes and applications (Illustrator, .ai files, etc.) show up in default res
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