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  1. My OS Version is 10,.13.4 (On MacBook Pro) I rebooted my Mac, and Alfred is no longer being reported as using Significant energy....
  2. I just upgraded to v3.6.1 build 910 and Alfred is using a ton of energy and draining my battery. Showing in Battery Menu as Using Significant Energy. Not pegging CPU in Activity monitor. Avg Energy Impact reported as 10.02 My battery is draining about 20 times faster than normal.
  3. After using File Search to select a file, I want to copy (or move) that file to a folder on my desktop. But the folder on the desktop is actually an alias to a folder buried deep in the file system. When I select Copy To and navigate to my desktop folder, the list of folders that is shows does not include the "folder alias". Is there a way to enable folder aliases as the target for copy/move operations? We can browse folder aliases when browsing in Alfred. Why not browse them as the target of operations?
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