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  1. never mind. I'm misunderstanding how this works. Sorry for the noise.
  2. yeah, I tried that and it works but I lose my argv in the script filter.
  3. I have a python script filter with 2 items in the output items list, as below. Its keyword is 'n'. My expectation is that giving Alfred 'n t' I'd be offered 'task' as my first option but I'm offered 'page'. What's the really obvious thing i'm missing here? import json items = { 'items' : [ { 'uid': "no1", 'title': "page", 'subtitle': "add page", 'arg': "page", 'autocomplete': 'page', 'match': 'page' }, { 'uid': "no2", 'title': "task", 'subtitle': "add task", 'arg': "task", 'autocomplete': 'task', 'matc
  4. Resurrecting this; Python 2.7 comes to end of life next January. I wondered what your thoughts are
  5. I have a script filter node that isn't behaving as I'd expect - see image attached. I have it's output connected to a post notification. What I'm thinking should happen is: 1. type 'jjj' <return> 2. type some argument <return> 3. the workflow runs and the argument I typed should appear in the post notification. What actually happens is that at step 2, when I try to type an argument the jjj workflow disappears and I see a list of google, amazon and Wikipedia searches. what am I missing?
  6. Is there any way to make myself custom nodes for a workflow? I'm building workflows that talk to an app using Websockets in Python. It's all working just fine but it occurs to me that if I'm going to be making a number of flows it would make more sense to do it using a node. Thoughts?
  7. OK, I've been misunderstanding how this works. Now I do but I'm still having trouble. Bringing up Alfred, hit the '?' key. I see 'List all registered Alfred Keywords' so I hit return. Nothing happens.
  8. Needs alfredhelp.py. I found one copy on the wiki page that barfs with an unfound module when run. This workflow is for Alfred 2. but thanks for the effort anyway.
  9. is there a way to get a list of user defined hotkeys in Alfred. As I add to my hotkey workflows I'd like something that pops up a list of them, by way of a reminder. thanks.
  10. I don't think that's it. The Cache Compiled Applescript option has always been turned off on all these workflows. The Run Script action seems to behave a little better though. Looks like a bug, to me. thanks for the input.
  11. I have a simple workflow, hotkey fires an applescript action. The script makes a call to a scripted library script, like so tell script "COLib" do stuff end tell My problem is that the library script appears to be getting cached by Alfred. Changes made to it are not being seen by the script in Alfred. Further, new workflows are only seeing the previously cached version of the library script. Is there a way to force Alfred to see the updated library script. thank you.
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