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  1. I did try slowing down key events, which doesn't seem to make a difference. My intent was not to suggest that a change needs to be made in Alfred - this feature clearly works great in other editors (I'm starting to write more in markdown anyway, so this isn't as much of an issue for me). Just thought I'd being it up as a workaround for google docs :-)
  2. @Vero An odd update to this issue (cursor movement in google docs) I stumbled on that might help some people. To reiterate, I have a snippet keyed to `!expl` that looks like this: [explanation] {cursor} [explanation] Google docs does weird stuff when I use `!expl` to invoke it, but if I invoke from the clipboard viewer, it seems to work (almost) perfectly:
  3. @Vero Hmm - missed this reply until just now, but I think it solves a different problem that I've been suffering through. Thanks!
  4. @Vero Any sense of why it occasionally jumps where the cursor is prior to the paste action? In the last example in the gif I posted, I'm two lines below, but the paste happens inside some of the other text above it. I understand - thanks for looking into it. I suppose I'll just have to suffer through an extra couple of keystrokes
  5. Very cool - thanks! I'm running into a possible bug with this feature, specifically in google docs. I'm trying to make a snippet that will expand to: [explanation] [explanation] With the cursor on the middle line. Using... [explanation] {cursor} [explanation] The result is... confusing: This doesn't happen in atom or sublime text, and if I use a different key like {date} it works completely as expected.
  6. Just started using the workflow - great so far! One very minor note - the convention for Toggl's own app and web interface is that when the timer is not running, the icon is grey, and when it is running it's red. Using your workflow, all of the icons are red, but the running task is green. To be honest, I think I prefer your use of color scheme (though it might be rough on someone that's colorblind), but having come from using the app predominantly, it threw me off a bit. I'm not sure if there's anything actionable in this comment, but just thought I'd bring it to your
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