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  1. Hi Vero, sorry I only just saw your reply now. I haven't seen the problem recently, I'll use that tool if it comes up again. Thanks!
  2. It might be good to change the default to move away from the 1Password one? This is a fairly niche feature, and there is likely to be a large overlap between Alfred and 1Password users.
  3. It seems like a bug that Safari Technology Preview (my most commonly launched app) doesn't even show up on the list of 20 applications that are candidates for typing "s"?
  4. I'm a long time Quicksilver user, and a recent Alfred user. I miss Quicksilver's style of fuzzy matching which will match anything without typing spaces. For example if I'm using the iTunes browser and I want to select "LCD Soundsystem", typing "lcds" will not match in Alfred, but it will in Quicksilver. It would be great if there was an option to get even fuzzier matching than "Full fuzzy match from word boundary".
  5. In my case, when Safari.app got stuck as the shortcut for "S", Safari Technology Preview.app wasn't on the list of (20?) apps that Alfred would show for the shortcut "S", so there was no way for me to pick it again.
  6. I worked around this by clearing Alfred's knowledge, but it has happened to me again. It is quite frustrating to have to keep clearing Alfred if I make a bad selection.
  7. I used Safari.app today and it has taken the place of Safari Technology Preview.app (my default browser) when I type "s". Safari TP doesn't show up on the list of apps in Alfred when typing "s", so I'm not sure how to select it and make it more highly ranked than Safari.app. Does anyone have any tips on this? In Quicksilver I could assign abbreviations to actions, and lower the rank of existing actions, but Alfred doesn't seem to have either of those options?
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