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  1. Hiya Vero, Thanks for that, its appreciated. Mark
  2. Hiya all Is it possible to get results in Alfred from certain website pages? For example, Amazon's "Today's Deals"? I have had a play with Alfred with Vitors help and come up with this attempt, which depending on how you look at it is very lame or as I look at it, I threw my arms in the air screaming YES! But it needs coding to do what I want, which is search results for all "Today's Deals" on Amazon.co.uk within Alfred. I would not know where to start with coding, like I said to Vitor, I have never coded in my life, I have downloaded CodeAnywhere to the iPad, and signed up on the website, but I have no clue as to what I'm looking at but a blank screen. Mark
  3. Ok, I'm getting confused, sorry. I thought there may have been code in those boxes, Thanks for your trouble Mark
  4. Vitor, I've got this far. I don't know if I'm using the correct terminology here but how do I get a search query as a result?
  5. Vitor, That is a great and very helpful response, thanks, I'm taking the scary plunge of having a go at creating a workflow to Amazon's "Today's Deals". Thanks for your very long reply, it is appreciated. I'm glad I didn't come across as rude or lazy, and I wouldn't have expected a fulfilled request as free, I will donate/contribute. I will let you know how I get on, if thats ok? Mark
  6. Hiya Vitor, Thanks for the reply, its appreciated. I have never written code before, is there a way to start with default code and edit it? Is this site/page speaking in laymans terms, is he making it as easy as possible or do you know of another source so that I can be taught, I appreciate that learning from scratch at the age of 45 is not going to be easy, I want to get my teeth into something new, but if its just to complicated........ https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/alfred-workflows-for-beginners--mac-55446 Could/would someone write it for me, as a request, is it rude or lazy to ask? Mark
  7. Hiya all Is it possible to get results in Alfred from certain website pages? For example, Amazon's "Today's Deals", eBay's "Daily Deals", Sky News "UK" or The Guardian "UK"? Mark
  8. Hiya Deanishe, Thanks for the reply, thats all I want to do is create a new Stickie, is it just a case of editing say.... the Notes Workflow? I've never written code before, so pardon my ignorance.
  9. Hiya Everybody, I've had Alfred app a while, but only touched the surface with search. Now having upgraded to V3 I'm having a play with Alfred, I'm all very new to this Workflow mindset, I've downloaded the Notes workflow and its working like a dream but is there a workflow for Stickies on its own and I'm thinking out of the box here for Stickies & Notes, i.e. If I create a Stickie can it duplicate it in Notes? Mark
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