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  1. Yeah but the workflow isn't outputting the magnet link. I haven't focused on those cases. I don't mind adding something at all, I just want to understand the issue, and add it correctly. So, would copying the magnet link to the clipboard helpful? Scripts could then catch it up. I absolutely agree with your last sentence. And I'm not trying to answer to every user cases. But usually I build stuff that I need right in front of my nose. Too many things to do and to care about, so I grab knowledge through feedback after, from other people, like you guys in that case. If something makes sense, then I've learned something along the way, and I might build it. But I want to build it correctly.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking about the progress. Personally I find it more annoying to check in the browser when I need it rather than having the Transmission app running in the background and sending a notification once it's downloaded but ok I see your point.
  3. Yes I'm using Grammarly. I type directly in the box, no copy paste or anything like that. Never had any problem till now. I've disabled it for the Alfred Forum for now.
  4. I think @deanishe makes very good points. To be honest I had never thought of the torrent command line clients. What's the advantage? Why do you guys use that rather than a GUI client? I coud still add something more like for power users. Like if there's a global variable `cli`, use that instead of open. Quick to do. If it does make sense and help, I'll add it.
  5. Any suggestion of how that would like in the above-mentioned workflow? I mainly build things for myself and I don't like to think in advance for other use cases I was thinking of adding the cli through a modifier, like cmd.
  6. Wow that workflow is getting famous. Excellent. I'm gonna add a nice License Activation box for next week 👍️ 😂️
  7. Yeah. Frontend work is not my best work... 😂️
  8. Great to hear! 👍🏼️
  9. Hello! The Workflow doesn't enforce any app. It's opening through the app on your Mac that has been put as default for magnet links. You can change this in several ways, but the easier is probably to go through the Transmissions preferences window. Have a look at the screenshot attached! Then all your magnets links will open through Transmission.
  10. Hey sorry! Didn't get any email or anything about you replying. Is it working now? I'm coming here to post an update, something due to how KAT changed their site. But it shouldn't affect the issue you have. You're still having it? New version is available on GitHub and Packal.
  11. Hello! I've updated Alfred KAT, and it's now wayyyyyyy faster (like 5 times). You can download torrents easily while avoiding all the popups. It's on Packal and GitHub. Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-kat GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-kat/releases Have fun!
  12. There's a bug on Packal. When it uploads my workflow it replaces the spaces with underscores, but on GitHub it processes the workflow with a dot. I've updated the package name for Packal now but that might still break in the future.
  13. For whatever yes, the link on Packal doesn't work. No idea why. You can download it on GitHub though: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airplay/releases/tag/1.1.0
  14. There's a new version up, 1.1.0. It adds an informative message for when no AirPlay device is detected. Thanks for reporting Guy!
  15. Ok alright, if possible let me know later if you're still having problems. Thanks!
  16. I can confirm that when no AirPlay server is found, there is no message (anymore). I'll try to find a way to change that. If no AirPlay server is found, you should get something like "Queuing argument '(null)'" in the log. What about once you turn the AirPlay servers ON. Still not working?
  17. Btw, do you have any AirPlay servers available? If none is found, the previous version of the Workflow would tell you to turn AirPlay off. The new version doesn't. That might be why you don't see anything. I'll see about adding a message if no server is found.
  18. Hey Guy, Thanks for letting me know. Do you mind checking what appears in the debug console? Please see the screenshot attached. Some message should pop up there. Let me know, thanks. And sorry about that!
  19. Hello! If you need to share your screen with an AirPlay device easily, there's a workflow. It's been updated recently to even remove its iTunes dependency! Can be downloaded on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airplay/releases Or Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/airplay-spreader Have fun.
  20. Hello again. I'm rebuilding my own Alfred-Time Workflow (use Toggl and/or Harvest with Alfred) and I started developing some PHP packages to ease the development of Alfred Workflows in PHP. Last week I've released Alfred Workflow ScriptFilter that allows you to create a ScriptFilter output. This week I've worked on handling configuration settings. I think it's quite nice when we developed a Workflow not to bother spending time on things that are common to a lot of them. So if you use PHP and need to store some config, you might want to have a look at the package I've made. Here's the GitHub link: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-workflow-config Currently it's tailored for my needs. For example there's no feature to delete a config file. If you need stuff like that, you can open an issue on GitHub or we can talk about it here. I'll see how I can extend usefully. Happy productivity!
  21. Hello there. To build cleaner workflows I needed to use some of the new fields found in Alfred 3.4.1 and 3.5. I usually use the fantastic package from Joe Tannenbaum to build my workflows but it's not updated and its fluent api is starting to show its limitation with the new nested fields. So I build my own. I started using it to build the v2 of my Alfred Time package and I'm quite pleased with it so I'm thinking, if you need to build workflows that handle the new nested field, you might want to have a look at my workflow. If not, Joe's package might have a nicer API. https://github.com/godbout/alfred-workflow-php Have fun, and be productive with Alfred!
  22. I'm having the same question actually. The only way I've found is to repeat the same sequence of objects. Any way to force the not closing of Alfred programmatically? Or to make it not close for any modifier (even actually if no modifier is used)?
  23. Thanks! Been doing a couple of workflows now, I understand better how it works now.
  24. Thanks for the detailed answer. I'll have a look at your example workflow. Actually I am (was) building on top of an existing—and old—workflow so most of the things were done by someone else (workflow data, script filters, etc...). I was trying to update it to Alfred 3 and I've only added the "Report" part. I've decided to start a new one from scratch, and wow, I didn't think (understand before?) of a script filter connected to another script filter. I will have a look on that, thank you, I think that will open my options quite widely. From what I had understood until now—and please correct me if I'm wrong—the script filter is for the results that Alfred will show the user, and then with the results who are valid=true, when the user selects, the next action in the chain will be performed. If I run a normal (not filter) script as a result , there's no way that this script gives back results to Alfred, is that correct? I can call Alfred back with external triggers, but it shouldn't be used to filter according to what the user selected, right? I hope I'm not too confusing. To be honest I'm quite ok with triggering some scripts that call APIs and all, I'm just struggling with handling Alfred, with the results, the selections, going up and down "menus", etc... I've read the workflow part on the website but I still seem to not getting it, and the examples from Alfred seem to never match what I'm trying to do. I don't know exactly how broad are the capabilities of the workflow. Maybe what I'm trying to do is not possible? Which basically is allowing the user to select options once they type a keyword (options from the workflow will be different according to the status of the workflow, like if the user hasn't setup yet, etc...), but also to go back up if needed, all with a clean input in Alfred. I see workflows with clean input but you can't go back up, and I see workflows where you can go back up but with not clean input (like the one you showed in your answer, with the delimiters in the query). If you don't get what I mean or you don't wanna answer verbosely it's fine. Writing the post helps my brain clarifies all that. It is so enigmatic to me currently that I feel like I don't even know how to write in English anymore. Probably after checking your workflow and playing a bit more I'll be less confused. If you think about some links that might be relevant, please feel free to share. Sorry again if this seems a mess, and thanks a lot for your help! It is indeed useful and valued.
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