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  1. I agree, not very clear, because I'm getting lost and confused in all this. At first I tried to use a "script filter" that outputs to a "run script". I was expecting to be able to send back options for the user to choose from the "run script" but I wasn't able to make that work (maybe this is not how it is supposed to work?) so I ended up with just a "script filter" trying to handle all the user selections. I'm having 2 issues, one is this "loading text" thing in items sent back to Alfred as options, another one is that I can't get the "arg" of the items in the script, all I get is what is typed in the main input, not what the user chose as a selection. That is why if you are able to test the workflow, you will see that when the user chooses a "project", I have to send the "project ID" in the main input (through "autocomplete"), I cannot use the name because this is what is passed to the script, not the "arg" of what has been selected, which always contains the "project ID". Here's the workflow: http://sleeplessmind.info/about/Harvest - COPY.alfredworkflow The part I'm struggling with is at the bottom, "hv report". Thanks for the help
  2. I'm new to writing workflows. I'm having a trigger that launches a php script, I have a loading text for that trigger, but the items returned by my script will also take time when the user chooses them, so I'd like to change also the subtitle once it's chosen, so that the user knows something is being worked on after his choice. Is there a way? Or am I missing something in how the script filters work? I am not launching another script once the user selects an option, and I don't post anything (just grabbing data from an API, and injecting the results in Alfred items at the final step). Thanks
  3. So, both my MacBook and iMac were wiped. Both new libraries from scratch, same issue again and again. Multiple Alfred playlists showing up, it never plays the correct songs :/
  4. I'm a subscriber of iTunes Match. Not sure if that plays a role somewhere? It just seems that the playlists get sync, but Alfred recreates a new one instead of taking the existing one.
  5. Oh. No plugin, all standards. Maybe I'll try to recreate the library then, and let you know.
  6. :| Really coming from the fact that I use 2 Macs. Surprised no one else has this issue.
  7. I've tried this before, but if I uncheck the box, then Alfred only plays 1 song of the album. Is there something I'm missing there?
  8. Hey Vero, thanks for the answer. Did the update, but didn't do the trick. Actually it's been an issue for many years to me, I've just really never bothered to write a post The reason why it's not the correct music played is I think because I end up with many Alfred Playlist in my iTunes. I have to remove them manually quite often. I start using Alfred Mini Player on my iMac and it creates a playlist. Then maybe later I use it on my MacBook and there it creates another Alfred Playlist, but ends up playing the wrong one. Do that for a few days and you have 10 Alfred Playlist, and you can never listen to what you're asking :|
  9. Hi, Probably not a bug but me doing something wrong. It's been happening for a long long time but I guess it's time to solve the issue! I keep having a multitude of Alfred Playlist, which now first pollutes the new iOS 10 Music app with the New Added section, but also prevent the iTunes Mini Player to work correctly. When I pick up an album for example, another one is playing, from another Alfred Playlist. So every 2 days I have to delete all the playlists manually. I thought first that it was because my iMac and my Macbook are using the same Alfred playlist names, but actually with the options sync, there's only one playlist name possible. Anyway, not sure how to solve that. To summarise the main issue is this: I choose something to play through the mini player and iTunes plays something else, which comes from another Alfred Playlist list, from the past. Any idea where I'm being dumb?
  10. Hi, I have a pair of EP-630 that I love but which after 2 weeks you have no idea what side is left and what side is right anymore. So I've made a quick workflow. Be careful, it's ugly. But it works. Sometimes. Feel free to download: https://github.com/godbout/alfredworkflow-sound-balance/archive/master.zip Cheers.
  11. Hi, Actually just found that this is a known issue (since september...) from 1password.
  12. Just to say that I have the same behavior and it's been driven me crazy since the 1password 4 update. In my case Alfred is looking to the right place, Safari and browser extension up to date.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to have 2 workflows that basically change my workspaces. One is called "Code", the other one is called "Write". Each of these workflow is launching/toggling 2 apps. I was hoping to get Alfred to switch each of my display to the correct applications when I call a workflow but it doesn't work, it only changes one application. If I call the workflow a second time, then the second application is getting correctly focused/shown on the 2nd display. Is there a way to do what I want to do? Hope my explanation makes sense.
  14. It is not possible to drag the items, that's why I was saying that you can't reorder the items. Probably no way then. Thanks for the help.
  15. Hi! Thanks for the answer. But you're just guessing right? There's no way to reorder the login items, so I really doubt that the first in the list is the first to open. I think it's a bit more rock'n'roll than that. I have 15 items, if I have to delete them one by one and add them back in the correct order, well, LOL Apple. I've hide all the items and unhide Alfred, let's see if that changes something.
  16. On my mba it takes about half the screen yeah, it's alright, a bit bigger would be nice for me but it's still alright. On my 27" iMac it's small, but still it's alright. I don't actually mind if there's no feature to make the letters bigger, but if it was there i would have used it for sure.
  17. That is so politely asked, how could i refuse! alfred://theme/searchForegroundColor=rgba(255,255,255,1.00)&resultSubtextFontSize=1&searchSelectionForegroundColor=rgba(0,0,0,1.00)&separatorColor=rgba(51,51,51,1.00)&resultSelectedBackgroundColor=rgba(58,58,58,1.00)&shortcutColor=rgba(93,25,133,1.00)&scrollbarColor=rgba(51,51,51,1.00)&imageStyle=8&resultSubtextFont=Helvetica&background=rgba(0,0,0,1.00)&shortcutFontSize=4&searchFontSize=4&resultSubtextColor=rgba(102,102,102,1.00)&searchBackgroundColor=rgba(58,58,58,1.00)&name=Dark%20Big&resultTextFontSize=4&resultSelectedSubtextColor=rgba(153,153,153,1.00)&shortcutSelectedColor=rgba(35,12,53,1.00)&widthSize=3&border=rgba(127,127,127,0.40)&resultTextFont=Helvetica&resultTextColor=rgba(185,185,185,1.00)&cornerRoundness=0&searchFont=Helvetica&searchPaddingSize=3&credits=Guill%20Lo&searchSelectionBackgroundColor=rgba(181,213,255,1.00)&resultSelectedTextColor=rgba(243,243,243,1.00)&resultPaddingSize=3&shortcutFont=Helvetica
  18. I can't find a way to make Alfred the first login item once I logged on my account, anyone knows how? Sometimes it takes a while for it to appear, so I've got an icon in the dock and I just launch it from there. Surely not a big issue, just wondering
  19. What I mean is choose a custom font size, not cycling between the 5/6 sizes available. The biggest one is not big enough to my taste.
  20. OMG. Works perfect. I don't really get the settings though haha. Thanks.
  21. Oh yes excellent thanks! Any way to make it even bigger thought? I found how to change the color but not to custom the text size?
  22. I've always used global hotkeys to quickly switch between the apps I needed the most and it made my workflow go very fast. Now in Alfred2 I've redefined the global hotkeys as workflows. Well, it works, but it takes at least 1/2 second to switch between apps, where Alfred1 switches instantaneously. Do other people have noticed the same? Bug report?
  23. Hi, The results are now so tiny, it's painful to read And it seems that the option to get the text in big disappeared? If yes, so my suggestion is to add it back. If no, well, where is it? I like when Alfred is taking all my screen estate value, that's kinda of why I open it. P.S.: Yes I have glasses, my eyes are not the problem. P.S.2: Yes, this is a serious request.
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