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  1. Hello, @Andrew this still happens right after using a hotkey in Chrome. What can you suggest? Thank you. https://screencast.com/t/42LeHhwS
  2. Thanks for confirming, @donmc I am using 3.2.1 on mac 10.12.2 Thanks for the suggestion, @Andrew sorry for the late reply. Looks like it's working now in Chrome. I see two action options: Pass through to workflow and Show alfred Thank you!
  3. Hello, There's a strange keyboard malfunction after opening a webpage in Chrome using a hotkey combination. The numbers on the keyboard and to Alfred among others don't work. It took me a long time to figure out that it was Alfred. To solve keyboard issue, a complete restart is needed. When going directly to the webpage without Alfred hotkey, the keyboard works as usual. This doesn't happen in Safari. Mac Pro and Macbook Pro Sierra 10.12.1 Thank you for checking.