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    fly reacted to ajgon in HTML Entity Lookup - find characters by using similar ones   
    Long story short - this is an Alfred version of Remy's Sharp excellent tool.

    Instructions and git repository are here: https://github.com/ajgon/alfred2-html-entity-lookup
    Extension itself: https://github.com/ajgon/alfred2-html-entity-lookup/blob/master/HTMLEntityLookup.alfredworkflow?raw=true
    May the force be with you
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    fly reacted to Carlos-Sz in MailTags Workflow 2.5 (Tag + Project + Tickle)   
    Mailtags Workflow 2.5

    Workflow to tag, tickle and set Project to emails using MailTags 3.

    The workflow was suggested by rdpozo.

    Select email(s) from Apple Mail app Bring Alfred and type the keyword mtag (for tagging) or mproj (for Project) or mtic (for Tickle) Select a tag or Project or Tickle from the list or type a new one. You can also type multiple tags separating them by comma e.g. tag1,tag2,tag3 Hit return key You can set a new email Tickle by typing the date (e.g. 4/5/13 or 4-5-2013 or 4.5.13) or by telling how many days from now on (e.g. 5 days or 10 days).
    To delete all tags or tickle hold control key (requires MailTags 3.2.2).
    Type the keyword inbox to access your emails and set tags (return key), a tickle (control key) or a project (option key). This feature is still in progress. It will be slow if you have several messages in your inbox. Any feedback will be appreciated.

    You can also use a hotkey to bring Alfred or a second hotkey to tag with the text inside the hotkey configuration (see screenshot below from version 1.0). The same with Project.

    What’s new
    Version 2.5
    Remove all tags from selected messages (hold control key in keyword mtag) Remove tickle from selected messages (hold control key in keyword mtic) Keyword inbox to access your inbox messages and tag (return key), set tickle (control key) or a project (option key) MailTags version 3.2.2 or greater is required  
    Version 2.1
    Fixed Tickle bug (thanks to Scott) Version 2.0
    Multiple tags: separate them by comma e.g. tag1,tag2,tag3 Projects from Things, OmniFocus and The Hit List will also be listed Version 1.5
    Tags and projects read from MailTags database (thanks to Scott) Version 1.2
    tickle support Version 1.1
    support for Projects list of tags (preferred and from the selected email) Download

    Version 2.5
    Release date: 19 May 2013
    Requires: Apple Mail app and MailTags 3 version 3.2.2 or greater
    Supports Alleyoop 2
    Download Now
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