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  1. How can I disable snippets default short-cut (option-command-c or -v) to use these in Keynote? I saw a link to this question in this forum, but it is dead now. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. The problem is that they appear ONLY in Alfred app. Maybe I need to reveal invisible files, since they are not showing in the finder. UPDATE: just found this which exposed the files and made them deletable: Since the release of macOS Sierra, when in Finder, it is now possible to use the shortcut: CMD + SHIFT + .
  3. PS: These have doublets which are the real files without the Tilda/Dollar Sign.
  4. I see files like this occasionally: They don't appear in the finder itself. Are they caches? Is there a way to delete them (systematically or otherwise)? thanks. PS: These have doublets which are the real files without the Tilda/Dollar Sign.
  5. Can a workflow be made to show list of folders in a folder and pick one to search in? Or without showing, just enabling you to search for a folder, not a file, in a folder.
  6. BTW, I think it would be helpful if Alfred documentation noted the difference between "file" and "folder" when speaking of the find instruction. That is what threw me off initially. Perhaps more logically, for purposes of description: find object, where object can be variously specified as file, folder, image, sound file, movie file, etc.
  7. Thanks to @Tsunami and @Vero for these responses.
  8. A *hint* on how to modify the workflow would help also why my sample doesn’t work did you look at my sample?
  9. Thanks. I don't want to use scripts or Terminal, and the folders I am look for are in my user directory (pdfs and documents mostly). Is there no built-in way to search for folders rather than files? (ie to specify to exclude files and just look for folders)?
  10. here is a link to my workflow https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D806968_08952988_6051443
  11. I'm trying to find folders, not files, by name in the finder then open or reveal. I'm new to workflows. I created one (attached), but it pauses and takes a while to do its stuff. Is there a better way? thanks.
  12. Does AlfredApp not support box.com? If not is myrison's workflow or another like it available? tx
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