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  1. I just started using Snippets after transferring everything from aText. Twice within the past 2 days, my snippets have stopped expanding. I use Google Chrome - and the only way to get them working again is to reboot Chrome. This is a major pain in the rear with everything I have open for work. Is there a bug that I should know about? I wouldn't have switched everything over if I knew this was going to happen. Please help!
  2. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I just posted on that request. Hopefully they can add it soon
  3. I would love for hyperlinks to work in Snippets. I switched over from aText and have many with links that I can't use now. Can this be added soon? Thank you! Love your app!
  4. Hi, I just spent an entire day switching to Alfred from aText for my text expander/snippets. My whole virtual medical office uses aText and I am getting them all to switch to Alfred. However, I have some snippets that have hyperlinks/links to a website in them - or so I thought. They worked in aText, but don't seem to work in Alfred. Any ideas how to get these links to be live? Thanks.
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