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  1. I googled around and found this thread https://stackoverflow.com/a/33383159 Will running this command do what you're asking? Not sure if a reboot/re-logging-in is needed. defaults write com.apple.universalaccess reduceTransparency 1
  2. Hi, This workflow adds a File Action to allow for sending a document to your default printer. Eg: send a document to printer, print selected files. It takes an Automator workflow and runs it like so /usr/bin/automator ./print-selected.workflow download here https://github.com/fxjkhr/alfred-workflows/blob/master/print-selected.alfredworkflow
  3. I'm on the same quest to figure this out, and yes it seems possible. See Using a "Run Script" action with Bash: /usr/bin/automator /path/to/workflow
  4. Hi, This workflow lets you quickly toggle macOS Accessibility grayscale setting: I complied the code from this stack exchange discussion https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/342551 so I could quickly execute it in Alfred. Download it here https://github.com/fxjkhr/alfred-workflows/tree/master/Toggle-Grayscale
  5. Hi, How can I call up the iCloud Drive? For example, if I type in `dropbox` in Alfred, the search results will include `~/Dropbox`. I would like a search for `icloud drive` to return a result for `~/Library/Mobile Documents` (afaik that is where the iCloud Drive is located). Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm curious as to what this feature enables http://imgur.com/a/ooP76 "Keep File Lists" You can find it in "Alfred Preferences">"Features">"Clipboard" I clicked the little question-mark and it brought me to the documentation at https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/ but there's no mention of the feature. I see: >With Alfred's Clipboard History, you don't need to worry about text, images and file links you've copied but forgot to paste earlier; It's all there in your searchable history. but no other explanation. Thanks!
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