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  1. The built in Rotten Tomatoes web search is using '+' for space separators. Any search with more than one word fails because the site needs '%20' escaped spaces
  2. Thanks, this seems like a fair workaround. It does feel like quite an awkward set of keys to use though. One handed requires some twisted contortions and with two it means moving the right hand to the other side of the keyboard. Am I being lazy?
  3. The mini player accepts half stars but I don't have half stars enabled in iTunes (nor do I want to). I'd like to disable half star input. I've looked in Alfred's preferences for a setting but couldn't find anything obvious. Does anyone know if there is a hidden switch to do this?
  4. Awesome, thanks. The non-breaking space does tend to play some havoc in your code when you don't realise it's there
  5. The clipboard merging feature is great, however the "Separate appended item with space" seems to use a non-breaking space (0xA0) instead of a standard space. It'd be great to either have a normal space for this or just be able to define your own separator.
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