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  1. @Mr Pennyworth, that works now! Thanks a lot for your help and for making a great workflow
  2. @Mr Pennyworth Thanks for the response. I'm using Big Sur.
  3. Great workflow, thanks for sharing. When I tested it out, I'm able to start new recordings etc. However, when I try to annotate or pin an image, I choose the image within Alfred but nothing happens: https://cloud.paulm.in/jfjj4E
  4. It looks like this is exactly what I need. However, I see this thread is a few years old and a lot of users had issues getting it to work. Is the workflow up to date and are there some instructions I can follow to get this working?
  5. I understand in Alfred 4 you're supposed to be able to type an app name like "pages" and then hit the right arrow to see the action list. The same with files, you should see actions to email, copy etc. However, I can't seem to get this to work and I've tried toggling the setting in preferences.
  6. Ah sorry, just one more thing on this. I notice that with an Alfred Query that has spaces, the notification comes through encoded. Do you know how I would avoid this?
  7. Thanks for that, it's working perfectly now. Weird though - when I put in {query} before, it wasn't working. I must have done something wrong. Thanks again!
  8. To confirm, your tests came through to my account so they all worked fine. Thanks, that seems to be working better. However, in the notification to show, I'd like the Alfred query to show. So the notification should be: Task Created! deans-test
  9. Ah sorry. Here you go, here is a link to download my workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8dlbj975m95sgo/Create Asana task.alfredworkflow?dl=0 I'm on the latest version MacOS/Alfred.
  10. Thanks for the response. This is my own workflow. Does this screenshot help? I'm triggering Zapier to create the Asana task.
  11. Hi everyone. I have a workflow that I use to create tasks in Asana using Alfred. I have a notification that I'd like to show the task (Query) when it's done. It used to work, but now the notification shows as this: Here's the setting: Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  12. Hi, I tried this workflow and couldn't get it to work on MacOS Mojave. Any ideas?
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