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  1. Hi. I use Alfred a lot but at no great level or depth. I've created a hotkey to a new bank account and the site then wants 2 text fields which identify me but are not really part of the main security. I am able to launch the URL successfully, but I would like to pre-fill those 2 irritating boxes. I've searched here, but found nothing which helps. Suggestions will be welcome.
  2. Thank you Vitor - That solved the problem. When so much is unfamiliar, even the 'obvious' choices get overlooked. Thanks again David
  3. Hi I'm inexpert with Alfred (now using V4) and have only a nodding acquaintance with AppleScript. Just how do I set up the script following the keyword? I tried to run it but nothing happened. The idea is to invoke the keyword to get TextEdit to open a new file. My workflow has 2 elements - the "TW" keyword input (that seems to function as expected), connected to a box which says "/bin/bash Run Script" which on expansion shows language /bin/bash with input as argv running instances Sequentially with embedded script as follows: tell applicatio
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, deanishe. Dragging into the list 'sort of works', but I sometimes get Open Office splash screen and the open Finder window in different workspaces. I shall find a way to fix that. Also having occasional error messages when I double-click on a .xls file, something to do with it being from an unknown source, but that is another issue, and again I will sort it. Thanks again.
  5. I want to use a hotkey to launch a file in Open Office AND show the containing folder in Finder. The intention is to launch Open Office then pick from a limited number of files to open. Is this possible? I've created a handful of workflows already, but I'm very much a Newbie. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the responses. I tried Andrew's suggestion - "Despatch Key Combo" a) with no Delay items. This failed to operate correctly with 2 seconds Delay after every keystroke. This worked, but was slow (9 keystroke items) c) with 0 seconds delay after each of the 7 Tab keystrokes. This worked very well. I understand that the procedure may be erratic (presumably from 'lost' keystrokes, but such a failure is 'soft' and easily recoverable manually. Thank you again - I have what I wanted, and am wiser than I was. David
  7. I regularly check a website truecall.co.uk and I can open it using an Alfred hotkey. The site is set up knowing my login details, so all I have to do is click on"enter" or press <return> to log in. But then I have to click on a menu selection (or press <tab> 7 times followed by <return> to get the page I want. Is there a way to do this entirely within a workflow? (I'm OK with computers, but new to Alfred. Some knowledge of elementary AppleScript) Thanks
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