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  1. I think this is more than sufficient for the moment. If considering only to write to a default directory and read from many I could image it would be cool to be able to make customizable. I'm used to a kind of Triage directory and then I move it to the corresponding subfolders. Concerning the note creation, I could think of using the YAML frontmatter to extend its keywords to allow for a special keyword to be set which could be used by the note creation script to move the the note to the subfolder. Of course this Keywords cannot be validated or whatever since it will
  2. really like your WF but I would really like to know if you made any progress on this one?
  3. Hi Vero same here .. actually a crash with possibility to send a report. Symptoms: - do not matter if evernote was opened before or not the application simply crashes (OS X10.12.2 - evernote 6.11 beta 1) - if Evernote was closed the plugin opens the app but crashes immediately upon starting
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