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  1. Sounds like your best bet is Brett Terpstra's "Bunch" app, which is donation-ware, very powerful, and has an Alfread workflow integration, if you like: https://bunchapp.co
  2. It seems as though the best option is baked in: System Preferences > General > Prefer tabs "always" when opening documents.
  3. It works beautifully now! Thanks so much, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you!
  4. I've had problems with this too. It's been going on for months. It thought it was because I was on the Beta for Ulysses, but it should be working now, right? I've attached a screenshot of what I get as error message. Can't find any discussion of this. Help would be much appreciated, because I really rely on Ulysses for quick notes, and will do at least until Drafts 5 comes to the Mac…
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