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  1. @dvcrn @gr37 I experienced the same issue -- the search only uses the first word of the query and ignores any subsequent words. I think this is because multi-word queries are passed into devonsearch.js as multiple command line parameters, but devonsearch.js appears to only use the first one (line 38): const query = argv[0]; I fixed the issue by changing the ds keyword script filter from "with input as argv" to "with input as query" and changing the bash command to this: osascript ./devonsearch.js "{query}" This ensures the full query is passed to devonsearch.js as a single command line parameter. Nice workflow -- a very convenient way to interact with your content in DEVONthink. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Just found and installed this workflow today. Nice work! I hacked my own copy to make a few changes to the slm keyword: You can send direct messages to individuals as well as to channels Deleted users are excluded from the filter list You can use URL-unsafe characters in your message (e.g. using & produced unexpected behavior for me) Let me know if these features are something you'd be interested in rolling into the "official" version...
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