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  1. Yes, CryptoCompare is definitely the one I will switch to.
  2. Thank you! Right now this is only showing currencies that have a USD pairing on Poloniex to show the price in USD. I would like to change to a better API in the future.
  3. Price tracker for cryptocurrency. Easily view quotes, last price, high/low, and percent change of all major cryptocurrencies. Usage Use with keyword "crypto". No argument will return the 3 major ticker symbols: BTC, ETH, and LTC. Provide an argument to try and fetch price of the provided symbol (i.e. "rep") Links GitHub: https://github.com/rhlsthrm/alfred-crypto-tracker Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/cryptocurrency-price-tracker Feedback appreciated!
  4. @vitor, completely understand. Alfred is powerful and has the potential to at least demonstrate this functionality. Voice aside, I think it would be great to be able to do some small bit of NLP on the queries. From your first response, it seems like you can add some bit of NLP into the workflows, which might be a good starting point. I'll explore further.
  5. Sure, as "broken" as it is now, this is the future, and there is no doubt that these technologies will become smarter and better as time goes on.
  6. I am thinking more in a "futuristic" sense of a computing world where layman-users can essentially tell the computer what to do and the computer will be able to know what they want to do and do it. This can translate to voice as well, mimicking an Iron Man-like situation (with his "Jarvis" computer). I believe an app like Alfred is a great jumping off point for this type of vision. If there is a way for Alfred to get smarter and smarter and learn about what the user wants to do, this would start to develop the vision. Would love to hear thoughts and discussion about this topic.
  7. Is there a way to make Alfred use more natural language processing for queries so that there doesn't have to be a keyword and the intent can be determined through parsing the query for intent? I think this could be a great feature for Alfred, which could then turn into a voice engine. Having this controlled by the Alfred remote on the phone then becomes quite powerful.
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